Airdrops are a multi-purpose free token giveaways that are meant to incentivize token holders and the crypto community in general in a new token project. Previous successful airdrops have been effective as new token owners try to maximize the potential of their rewarded tokens., a next-generation fintech institution based on Blockchain has announced a massive airdrop campaign to existing token holders with over fifty different coins to be potentially distributed among the community. All native TIO token holders are automatically eligible for the airdrop but a thorough vetting process has been started by the experienced team for Anti-Money Laundering processes, technical viability and longevity to ensure the success of the project. Airdrop

The airdrop will see as many as 2 million various altcoins being airdropped to TIO users and its loyal investor group. The clients who are looking to airdrop tokens include TV-TWO, INGOT coin, DarcMatter and ZeroEdge. Overall 50 tokens have joined the token sale pipeline and will see their coins reach the rightful owners. As much as 100 million eventual coins will be airdropped to TIO holders in the coming months.

Who is Eligible for the Airdrop?

The airdrop campaign will be for the current members who have joined the’s telegram groups and token holders. The Telegram group will be immediately airdropped tokens that will be a pre-set percentage of the total number of tokens.

The TIO token investors and holders who actively participated in the token generation event will be given free tokens through the future airdrop campaign website being planned by The allocation for this group is a whopping $100,000. will take snapshots of wallets of all investors will over 2500 tokens and they will be eligible for the free give-away. This will eventually become part of the process of all future token generation events in the new platform.

In addition to token holders, the participants of the token generation event through’s official link will receive additional bonuses that will be in addition to the previous airdrops.

What the Partnership Means for these Companies?

According to the CEO of Jim Pressler:

“We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the experience of our loyal community and TIO holders. We feel that an ongoing airdrop of this enormity is the perfect way to both thank our community for their loyalty plus to assist new high potential ICOs in accessing our informed and ambitious community.” is working on a system that will allow onboard token sales to grow and bring a multitude of different tokens for TIO holders on an ongoing basis.

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