TrakInvest is a virtual trading platform from Singapore. The company’s aim is to tokenize academic certifications, reputation systems, and trading data ownership.

TrakInvest have recently announced that they plan to migrate the native TrakInvest platform over to the Hedera Hashgraph. The company’s primary focus has been on providing online certifications, upskilling programs, and job opportunities through its strategic partnerships with universities, corporations and governments.

TrakInvest plans to leverage Heder Hashgraph for its Digital Certifications Program (DCP), this in turn will create the process and infrastructure to bring academic certifications for Asian institutions to the public distributed ledger.

The TrakInvest team are very proud to be working with Hedera hashgraph on a number of initiatives. TrakInvest believe the Hedera technology will be put to full utilization and provide the best class for the platform. The team are excited to execute the technology in its current and planned product offerings including certifications, Trak A.I prediction tools, and financial products.

Learn, Share and Earn

The Learn, Share and Earn model has been made to give power back to the retail investor, The concept of track records and transparency is something this model has jaded for a while. TrakInvest aims to utilize both these key points to provide institutional grade analytical and A.I tools to enable better decision making.

A key factor in the TrakInvest platform is the “TRAK” feature, this allows users to follow/share their real-time trading data with fellow users for a small fee. Hedera hashgraph ability to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. This makes TrakInvest the ideal choice for platforms dealing with micropayments and other high-volume transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

The A.I Engine tool is set to be launched in August 2018, the focus is to unlock crypto market insights from general market data. TrakInvest A.I Engine has three key features, TrakInvest Knowledge Graph, Sentiment Engine and Continuous Learning.

The platform is set to be a diverse and intelligent and will be able to keep up with any impending related challenges. Users will be able to use the native TRAK token to access TrakInvest AI Engine in order for them to gain superior insights and make more informed investment decisions.

TrakInvest aim to solve sore points and continuously deliver value to a customer. The key to scaling any business is migrating the risk. The TrakInvest platform is about to switch over to Hedera Hashgraph, this is expected to provide a new set of benefits for pre existing TrakInvest users and our partner institutions including significant improvements.

The Hedera Hashgraph is a public ledger that will address a number of the existing DLT constraints related to speed, fairness, cost and security.  

About TrakInvest

TrakInvest is an intelligent virtual social trading platform powered by a proprietary A.I engine. The company originated in Singapore with operations across East-Asia. The company has been operational for 4 years with over 100,000 users. TrakInvest recently completed a successful token event raising USD 33 million.

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