Trezor has discounted the price of the Trezor One by 23% to EUR 69, making it affordable for the masses. This is the first time in history that a top of the line Trezor hardware wallet has been so cheap. The Trezor One is designed to bring confidence and security to the crypto space and is an essential tool for safely securing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Trezor One can hold more than 500 different types of cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallets are used to store Bitcoin and other crypto private keys in a safe offline location. It is essential to store private keys somewhere besides your computer, so if your computer gets compromised you don’t lose your funds. Storing private keys offline is especially important, so the private keys won’t be vulnerable to hacking.

The Trezor One includes multiple layers of security, including PIN entry, passphrase entry, a password manager, and 2 factor authentication (2-FA) so you have to get a code from your phone or computer before logging in to the wallet, which is an extra layer of security that ensures only you can access the private keys in the wallet. Additionally, Trezor One offers premium support, just in case there are any issues. Considering how much money the Trezor One can save in a situation where your computer is compromised, it is well worth the EUR 69 for such top-notch crypto wallet security.

The Trezor One has a micro USB which is easy to connect to your computer or phone and has an easy to use display. However, the Trezor One must be connected to a computer or phone to work since it doesn’t have a keypad. An even better option is the Trezor Model T, which has a fully functional touchscreen display and doesn’t require any connection to a computer or phone to work – it also needs to be connected by a C cable.

The Trezor Model T costs EUR 149 and is a better option for crypto users who can afford it since it is self-sufficient versus needing a phone or computer to enter in account info and make transactions. That being said, the Trezor One is being continuously updated with new features, even after you purchase it. One of the most significant changes happening is that the Trezor One will soon have the Trezor Core Platform, the same operating system as the Trezor Model T.

Regardless, if you get the Trezor One or Trezor Model T, they are both excellent options since they isolate your private keys and keep them offline. The private keys do not leave your device and are not stored anywhere else, making it like an impenetrable crypto vault.


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