The TzLibre fork will be launched on the 4th of June 2018. TzLibre are forking DLS-Tezos, this fork is for the Tezos contributors. TzLibre is a trustless and hard-capped implementation of the Tezos idea.

TzLibre will start airdropping TZL tokens to all Tezos contributors who have claimed them. TzLibre is a group of Tezos token sale contributors who fell in love with the Tezos ideals, but wanted to further push the boundaries of the project. It was said that Tezos could not be forked, but that is exactly what TzLibre are doing. TzLibre is set to maximise contributors interests.

The TzLibre Fork


TzLibre will utilize the Tezos Foundation and protect contributors


TzLibre will set an amount of tokens to be assigned to network validators, TzLibre has also set an immutable hard-cap at 763M tokens.


TzLibre want to combat inflation of money supply, censorship of transactions, freezing of accounts and many other types of manipulation. TzLibre will use eternity clauses; a hardcoded Constitution to protect basic users rights such as transaction immutability.


TzLibre is aware of the investigations on Ripple, and has been worried that XZL was at risk of being labeled a security be the SEC. TzLibre has consulted legal, and TzLibre is a independent team not associated with any business company and can’t be considered a security by any means.


The Tezos Foundation Charter has been created to allow it to fund multiple Tezos implementations.

The Charter states: “[Tezos Foundation] primary – but not exclusive – endeavor is the promotion and development of the Tezos protocol and related technologies”.

TzLibre is adamant to support the Tezos Foundation, and make sure its charter supports TzLibre as well as any other legitimate forks.

TzLibre Reception

TzLibre is being censored in each and every Tezos community group, the project as of now only has a little of 5% of the entire Tezos contributors following on Riot, Reddit, Telegram, WeChat, QQ and more.


The native TzLibre token (TZL )will be traded on ForkDelta Exchange, this is the world’s first decentralized and trustless exchange. Bids are already being placed on the exchange and trading will begin on the 4th of June, 2018.


TzLibre is pleased to announce that are partnering with Ethereum Commonwealth and the ZClassic community volunteer development team. Both teams have extensive experience in the fork processes. Utilizing both these entities TzLibre plan to raise public awareness on centralized “blockchains” created and run for profit by private corporations.  

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