The Unified Framework for Blockchain-based Business Integration
Germany financial tech firm Unibright has announced plans to develop an innovative unified framework for blockchain-based business integration, with a crowdfunding campaign set to launch on April 10th, 2018 to raise the funds necessary to accelerate the development of this solution.

The business-to-business (B2B) platform will allow enterprises to leverage the innovative features of blockchain technology, giving equal access to businesses of all sizes to bring the blockchain to existing ERP systems without the specialist knowledge or technical skill normally required to integrate blockchain into businesses.

This solution aims to disrupt the $250 billion system integration sector globally, with a full feature suite that includes features such as ready made templates for businesses to plug right into Smart Connectors that can easily integrate existing process frameworks with newly created blockchain features. Further, these connectors can even be used across blockchains to seamlessly transport data between competing and alternative chains.

Empowering businesses with supportive blockchain ecosystems

Even before the announcement of their token generation event, process partners such as SAP and Microsoft Azure had already approached Unibright with cloud integration systems. The past year and a half has been focused on research leading to the development of an all-encompassing tool to integrate blockchain for new approaches in business life cycles and supply chain data.

Unibright CEO Stefan Schmidt believes that blockchain is a disruptive technology yet with many revelations yet to arrive, with smart contracts driving these transformative innovations in virtually any industry, from financial tech and supply chain management to shipping and healthcare:

Companies are now empowered to create ecosystems that support their business processes, making them more efficient and benefit from the features Blockchain offers like trust, security, immutability.”

The Unibright suite already has nine fully-developed templates for the most common use cases identified, including for multi party approval, batch tracing, asset lifecycle, request for quotation and invoice releasing, with many more in development.

Brought together by skilled professionals with extensive experience in SAP and process integration and via their existing consultancy, SPO Consulting GmbH, the Unibright project dedicated decades of effort to find specialized process integration solutions for traditional enterprises.

And now, with the advent of blockchain, Unibright has migrated its vision from software development to distributed ledger technology to widen the horizons for business applications via innovative features made possible by blockchain technology.

The Unibright crowdfund and Unibright Token (UBT)

At the heart of the Unibright platform is its own digital asset used to power smart contracts and purchase templates on the marketplace. Known as the Unibright token (UBT), they are now being offered for purchase by interested contributors at a base price of $0.14 each as the firm seeks to raise over $13.5 million to realize the full development and project readiness of its framework.

The token sale will run for 30 days, from April 10th, 2018 until May 10th, 2018.

To learn more about Unibright and the UBT token sale, visit the website and read their whitepaper. Join the discussions with the team on Telegram, or follow their latest updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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