Viuly is an Estonian, blockchain based decentralized video sharing platform. The Viuly team recently travelled to Hong Kong and participated in the Block O2O and Fintech O2O conferences, a highly esteemed event with an arsenal of blockchain experts in attendance.

The Viuly platform for video content allows users to connect with the creators, directly. This gives the creator the opportunity to earn with viewership. Users in turn can also earn from watching advertisements and videos.

Block O2O & Fintech O2O

The platform recently headed to Hong Kong to take part in the Block O2O and Fintech O2O conferences, this meet saw great minds from all over the world come together to discuss the future of blockchain technology.

Block O2O and Fintech O2O were two conferences hosted in Hong Kong for entrepreneurs, engineers, financers, economists and regulators. The summit was attended by more than a hundred investors, 100 speakers and 1800 delegates from 30 different countries.

The conferences had taken place in PMQ, right in the center of the fashion and entertainment district of Soho, Hong Kong. The Summit took place on the 8th to the 9th of May, in the colonial Police Military Quarters, which had been redesigned as a state of the art conference center.

The Viuly team attended a number of private investor meetups, these were organised for the team to pitch the Viuly project to potential partners and investors. The team presented the project on stage, and gave a brief summary of what had been achieved in the last four months. The team also outlined what their roadmap holds in store for the future on the closed meetup after the event took place.

Viuly was a participant in these recent events and was able to showcase its project to other participants, meet up with other blockchain professionals and enthusiasts and discuss the future of technology.

Viuly and OkEx

While the Viuly team were in Hong Kong, they met with professionals from the OKEx crypto-exchange. The team were really glad to meet the highly motivated and creative team.

Viuly A Video Sharing Platform

The Viuly technology is driven by the blockchain, utilizing this the video sharing platform is able to achieve a fast and intuitive way of not only sharing video content, but allowing users to earn directly from it.

The Viuly platform waves any need for a third party service provider. This means there are no commissions or heavy fees involved when it comes to content creators wanting to charge for their videos and channels. More money for creators also turns into more content for them to enjoy.

If the user is a viewer it could mean that there is more content to enjoy, donations sent by viewers to their favorite creators and also free without commission.

Viuly utilizes smart contracts, the monetization of the service is automated through the Viuly VIU token. The Viuly team never participated in a crowdsale, but instead released an airdrop of 20 VIU tokens per 1 ETH in each ethereum wallet whitelisted.

With the Viuly Alpha already released, users are going to have the Beta coming in the following weeks. The Alpha already has more than one million users with over 76,000 channels running on the decentralized platform.

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