With video content sharing and Vlogs being The Major Hot Thing in the last couple of years and the meteoric rise of privacy and monetization of the concept, Viuly is a decentralized video content platform that is designed to fill the gaps and shortcomings left by the current platforms.

Viuly: Going Live

The platform has recently released the beta version of its website on 15th June. The event is marked by a live stream by the team behind Viuly. Other interactions include different games with prizes such as VIU tokens.

The live event showcases updates on the platform and its user interface. Participants can access the live stream through the link given on the website. Users can alternatively view the stream by subscribing the official Viuly channel and get updates as the event progresses. Participants will be able to play a variety of games with different prizes on the offering. Users will also be able to take part in the free giveaway of VIU, the native token powering the Viuly platform.

What Is Viuly

Viuly is a blockchain based video sharing content platform that is aimed at disrupting the billion dollar video industry with its technology. The platform offers users what no other video sharing platform in the industry does not.

The platform gives its users:

  • No Commissions: On other platforms, the owners act as intermediaries and take a cut from the earnings of video content sharers. By adopting the peer to peer blockchain technology, Viuly does away with the commissions that eat away into the profits of content creators.
  • Cheaper Ads: With more money being given to the creators and without the intermediaries, the ads being run on the platform are cheaper, allowing an efficient and affordable platform for marketing of products.
  • VIU Token: Based on blockchain technology, the platform runs its monetized transactions through its own internal ERC 20 standard VIU token. This means near-instant transactions and the ability to liquidate with ease.
  • Smart Contracts: With smart contracts, the platform performs transactions automatically, allowing execution of transactions (when conditions set in the contracts are met), without even the need of transacting parties to be online.
  • Transparency: The decentralized blockchain technology is all about transparent and public records. All transactions done on the platform will be available for the users to view, allowing for self-audits and an open nature that will eliminate doubts and manipulation by anyone.

Krypton Capital Backing

Blockchain investment firm Kryption Capital has recently been impressed with the Viuly platform and has invested EUR 150,000 for furthering the cause of the decentralized video sharing platform.

Viuly aims to develop more relationships with other companies and firms to establish a strong ecosystem to grow their values together.

To know more about the video content platform, visit their website: https://viuly.io/

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