Decentralized video sharing platform Viuly, this week broke a company record-breaking a total amount of platform users of over 1 million users. The site has seen an inaudible jump in new sign-ups with the last several hundred thousand users joining in the last few months.

The company has seen a giant increase in the platforms user base over the last few months and this week made broke a landmark occasion hitting over 1 million users. 700,000 of these users joined in the last three months.

Blockchain-based Sharing

Viuly, the decentralized video sharing platform is known for its free to use the platform, enabling the user to display their content for nothing. The company also offers its users through a play to participate program in which active users are rewarded with the VIU cryptocurrency.

The company has seen an explicit rise in the number of channels on its platform doubling in the last couple of months. The total number has risen from 30,000 to over 70,000 and that has come to an increase in prime video content, with over 260,000 videos, up from 90,000 videos only 3 months ago. Perhaps more impressive is the platform’s number of daily traffic the website is seeing, which has now reached 250,000.

Viulys decentralized video sharing platform generates revenue without charging the everyday user, eliminating fees for managing their channels. The Viuly platform allows the whole spectrum of users, channel holders, and video uploaders to earn the platform’s native token, and tradable cryptocurrency, the VIU token, for viewing or uploading videos on the platform. The VIU token can be traded against Bitcoin. In addition to enabling users to use the token for various advertisement packages.

The Viuly mission is that the company takes pride on the belief that the user should not only be able to use video sharing for free, much like any social media platform but also be rewarded for their continued support. Viuly has allocated some of the funds from each advertising pack to go straight back to the Viuly community and will continue to do so.

About Viuly

Viuly’s mission is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of online video sharing with its blockchain-based solution. Through decentralization and transparency, it aims to create a fair and open video network operating on an equitable model of revenue sharing. VIU tokens are the native currency powering the Viuly video platform. They are used to transfer value between advertisers, content creators, and users.

Viuly will be a full-fledged platform for users and content creators to share and watch videos, while immediately earning rewards for their interactions. This revolutionary ecosystem will enable a fair, unrestricted environment to share, watch, and upload any content.

Viuly’s revolutionary blockchain solution has already led to a firm backing of EUR 150,000 from blockchain investing firm Krypton Capital. Together with Krypton Capital’s “smart money” philosophy, Viuly aims to establish strong ecosystems of related companies to grow values and revenues together.


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