Vivid has announced their release of the world’s first AR based portfolio management tool. Through a collaboration of social tools, customized and group technical analysis and cross-platform accounts among other features, Vivid seeks to provide an all-inclusive platform. Vivid developers aim to provide an empowering and educational experience for users through its multifaceted functions and incentivized content creation

Singapore based company Vivid has also stated the upcoming token presale aims to provide a standardized currency that will become the de facto standard for consuming and interacting on the platform.

Ian Nott, Vivid CEO

Ian Nott, Vivid CEO recently released a statement outlining his excitement for the forthcoming AR (augmented reality)  project. Ian views the project as pushing the current boundaries of cryptocurrency portfolio management into a new era of platform growth and functionality for the user. It is with the use of the collaborative functions that Ian believes his platform can empower and educate the user in their success within the crypto arena.

Features of Vivid

To solidify itself as a de facto management tool, the developers at Vivid have enacted a multifaceted approach for appeal. The platform has a consumer-friendly visual appeal and social sharing functions, aimed at Millennials, a generation where 1 in 3 is expected to own cryptocurrency by the end of 2018. When enabling the AR mode, users have the option for fun graphics such as dropping a rocket ship or a moon next to 3D charts to show off crypto gains to friends and followers.

For crypto day traders, Vivid provides a space for technical analysis. The platform can be used as a productive work environment where users can evaluate the market and make key decisions. For these users, Vivid states that the AG can be implemented for better visualization of projects, and greater insights. Different layers of information can be presented while orbiting graphs and charts. Virtual whiteboarding offers annotation capabilities to connect dots between data.

There are also features targeting the social influencer and content creator. Vivid sought to design the platform here to go beyond that of the flagship app. The Vivid ecosystem fosters a community of content creators to earn rewards for sharing market opinions and technical analysis. Vivid also offers API’s for 3rd-parties to develop engagement and analytics applications, as well as an advertising network for brands to connect with highly targeted consumers.

The Token Presale

To date, 5% of the targeted funds have been raised through the oversubscribed private event. The token presale will launch March 9th at 9:00 AM EST.  Contributors are rewarded with a bonus number of Vivid tokens for being the first to participate. Three more phases will follow for earning tokens at a rate corresponding to the time and tier of participation.To participate in the token sale, visit the website here.

About Vivid Pte. Ltd.

Vivid emerged through an R&D development from the makers of cloud-based mixed reality service Thrive. The Thrive team began their focus on portfolio management with a goal to improve the user’s practical experience, as well as entice millennials with fun visual additions. Vivid is now an offshoot business based in Singapore.

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