World Open Network (WON) aims to build a global community that is open, sustainable, diverse, innovative, good for society, and thrives via positive values. WON believes this vision is achievable via the utilization of blockchain technology, and has already secured USD 15.5 million of funding to make this a reality. The team behind WON has strong connections in the gaming industry, and will use their expertise to spread WON to video gamers worldwide before expanding into other mass consumer markets.

The native cryptocurrency of WON will be Ŵ, a total of 1 billion Ŵ will be 100% pre-mined, and no more will be printed after the genesis event. This will ensure that Ŵ does not consume any electricity due to mining, making it environmentally friendly. Ŵ will be leveraged to nurture and grow the WON ecosystem.

Ŵ will be launched on the World Open Blockchain (WOB), which uses Byzantine fault tolerant Proof of Authority (PoA) and dynamic sharding. The WOB will be highly scalable, and will be able to handle millions of transactions per second once lightning channels are integrated. WOB will be 100% know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliant, to protect users and to ensure that applications launched using the WOB are trustworthy. Third-party developers (TPD) can launch their own tokens on the WOB but will not be allowed to do ICOs, airdrops, pre-sales, or to make security tokens, which are considered negative activities by WON.

The value of Ŵ and WOB tokens (also known as Developer Coins created by TPD, referred to as TPD DC) will be dependent on the value of services and products on the WOB, and speculation will be discouraged. WOB tokens can be referred to TPD DCs, TPDs will create their Developer Coin (DC) when they launch their Genesis. The initial value of DC must be dependent on their revenue. And then the value of their DC will reflect the quality of their services and products.

This encourages developers to boost productivity and creativity to increase the demand for their applications and services, which simultaneously encourages users to actively participate in the WON community. Basically, WON is trying to build a blockchain community that is free of hype cycles and pump and dumps, and actually focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption instead of just investment to get rich quick.

Developers will have their own Developer Coin (DC) cryptocurrency after their Genesis. And DC can be converted into Ŵ. With this, they can gather resources from WON Platform to increase their productivity. And WON allows TPD to use a part of their DC for internal incentive.

The World Open Marketplace (WOM) APIs will facilitate the buying and selling of services and products. The WOM will help fuel the WON economy, by providing a streamlined way for developers and users to launch storefronts to make money.

In Q1 2019, the Ŵ genesis event will occur, and the WON website and mobile app will be launched. The first 3rd party gaming developer, Topgames Inc, who made and published Evony: The King’s Return, will be signed on as well, and they will develop a crypto-enabled game that integrates WON. In Q1 2019, WON will add Lightning channels, which will ensure infinite scalability. The strategy of WON long term will be to attract 3rd party developers, and to expand to as many markets as possible, while simultaneously being 100% compliant.

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