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Bitcoin Meetups are micro events or ‘meetups’ that gather people interested in bitcoin to discuss latest developments and news. If you are thinking about organizing your own bitcoin meetup, here are some good reasons to do it.

Bitcoiners change the world

As Bitcoiners, we feel an obligation to make the world a better place. What made Bitcoin so attractive to us in the first place was the chance to take corrupt systems and replace them with fair ones.

Well, let us be frank, many of us originally came for the gains but stayed for the change. For us HODLers, the financial incentive ultimately turns out to be one of the less intriguing aspects of Bitcoin. Properties such as uncensorable, unconfiscatable, and unchangeable are just a few characteristics of Bitcoin that make this technology revolutionary.

A common question Bitcoiners ask themselves is, “How can I contribute?” We want to make our mark in this revolution. The direction may be straightforward for a coder or financial analyst. They can apply their skills directly to contribute to one of the many Bitcoin companies. The more ambitious, entrepreneurial type could even start their own Bitcoin business. However, the reality for many of us is that we must be more creative in our contribution. As an example, not all of us possess the skills to build the next Strike app.

Opportunities exist in the community

As the community grows, so do the opportunities. Often, it’s not what you know but who you know. Bitcoiners want to work with Bitcoiners. One who possesses a Bitcoin mindset is often valued higher than their previous experience and certainly more than one’s college accreditation.

My advice to those seeking ways to contribute is to join a local Bitcoin meetup. Currently, there are dozens of meetups all over the world. Check out bitcoin-only.com/meetups to see where the closest Bitcoin-only meetup is near you. You can also check out meetup.com, but beware of shitcoin gatherings. These sneaky parasites are always trying to hitch a ride on the coattails of any Bitcoin event.

If the nearest meetup is hours away, do not get discouraged. Here lies one of those opportunities. Consider starting a Bitcoin meetup yourself. Meetups will be an increasingly vital part of Bitcoin education and community-building as global adoption increases.

The circular economy requires localized community

Right now, the dominant rails to stacking sats are to trade one’s dirty fiat with a KYC-compliant exchange. That’s convenient and all, but it is not ideal since this method ties one’s bitcoin to their identity. Those coins then become even less anonymous than Federal Reserve notes (cash.)

Another option is to earn bitcoin by offering goods and services. Some products are easily exchanged in the digital economy, but most transactions are done on the local level. If we want to create a circular economy buying and selling in bitcoin, we need to plug into the local Bitcoin-only community. For most of us, this community has not yet been established. If this describes your current situation, consider taking on the responsibility of facilitating a local meetup.


We all know that Bitcoiners are the smartest and most forward-thinking people in the room. As Jim Rohn put it, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you want to level up your knowledge of Bitcoin and get close with the future’s most successful people, regular participation in a Bitcoin meetup will keep you at the forefront of this revolution.

It will also build up your reputation within the community. What unique skills do you have to bring to the table? If you are a farmer, you could offer your products for sats. A Builder could offer construction services for other Bitcoiners. Remember, Bitcoiners want to work with Bitcoiners. It is the best way to opt-out of the debt-slavery, legacy systems, and opt-in to a true, free-market, fair, value-based, uncorrupted, free society.

We have a duty to educate

Early adopters have a great responsibility. They must condense years of self-education to guide others so they may not have to struggle as we had. All the blood, sweat, and tears of buying the top, selling too early, and sending to false addresses are the prices we pay to provide future Bitcoiners with peace of mind. It is our duty to effectively explain why other crypto projects are subject to the same corruption as the old fiat system that we are leaving behind. We must discern situations when we should recommend The Bitcoin Standard and when to recommend Programming Bitcoin. We are tasked with cutting out the noise and guiding humanity through this complex yet liberating revolution.


If you are a Bitcoiner passionate about steering the world in a positive direction, then building a local, in-real-life Bitcoin community is the first step. This is how we kickstart a Bitcoinized world. This is how we build our citadels.

How to find a Bitcoin Meetup
The website bitcoin-only.com shows a list of meetups. You can also look on meetup.com but there is no screening of quality.

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