Want to start bitcoin mining? Here is how you get hardware

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Bitcoin Mining is a rush. Billions of dollars are invested and the bitcoin mining industry is growing at a rapid pace. In the USA, the oil and gas industry is now deploying bitcoin mining containers right next to the power plants. It makes extra cash and benefits the environment.

Bitcoin mining from home or ‘solo-mining’ is a great way to get started. Often people believe that mining requires a lot of capital to get started but that is not the full truth. Bitcoin mining for the streets is a growing side-hustle movement and great article that shows the opportunity bitcoin mining presents.

As a bitcoin mining startup, entrepreneur or interested individual, mining can be a starting point for your bitcoin journey. It might not be a guarantee to make money from the start and you do need consider all risks and downsides compared to just holding bitcoin. But most people who tried mining would at least say it was a fun experiment.

If you live in a cold area you can also utilize your miner to heat up your garage, gym or studio. There are even rare examples where a bitcoin miner was used to heat up a pool.

How to start bitcoin mining?

Before starting to mine bitcoin, you need to make a gameplan. If you just purchase a miner without having calculated its profitability, you’re at a high risk of losing your capital. Don’t be naive, do your research.

Please take the time to think everything through: What is the price for electricity in your area, can you fetch a better deal? How warm is your location, do you require additional cooling?

Which mining pool is the right one, did you compare them?

And finally the most important question: which bitcoin mining hardware (Bitcoin Miner) is the best to get started? Bitmain Miner, Aladdin Miner, Love Core, Baikal Miner, Boloon Miner, Canaan, Dayun, Deeper Network, Ebang, Future Bit, Gekko Science, Jasmine, Goldshell, Nebra, Innosilicon.

The bitcoin mining hardware industry is exploding and you have the option between dozens of different brands and products. Choosing the right bitcoin miner for your needs will require throughout research.

To help you answer all these questions, Bitcoin Merch has arranged many guides and manuals which you can study and read for free.

How to buy a Bitcoin Miner

Chip shortage, supply-chain disruptions and sanctions can make your bitcoin mining adventure are rather depressing one. If you don’t get your hands on hardware, you cannot get started mining bitcoin. It can take up to 6 months or longer until you receive a miner from Asia. That’s why ordering from a shop that ships from the US can be a big advantage and worth the premium. Speed counts and don’t forget: time is money.

Thanks to our partnership with Bitcoin Merch, you can now save money when ordering a bitcoin miner. With the code BITCOINNEWS you save 4% on any mining equipment you purchase at Bitcoin Merch.

About Bitcoin Merch Founder Idan Abada

Like so many successful startups, iit all started in a garage. Bitcoin Merch began as a passion-driven side hustle with just a few products. Today it has grown to a multimillion dollar online retail venture. But nothing would have worked out without the dedication of its founder, Idan Abada.

Abada loved technology already as a young kid. Before launching Bitcoin Merch, he managed an online e-commerce website that sold drones. But he recognized the potential of bitcoin and decided to also start mining. He took up mining as a hobby in 2015 and ordered his first miner from Asia.

It took a long time to arrive and Abada had plenty of time to think. His entrepreneurial experience was of help to evaluate the business opportunity. He thought more people should learn about the opportunities of cryptocurrency, and he began selling bitcoin mining equipment and sharing his knowledge of the industry through social media, including his popular YouTube channel, How Much?

He launched Bitcoin Merch 2017 with just a few products. But today it has grown into a leading provider of bitcoin mining equipment with over 1000 products listed. All that Abada achieved in just a few short years.

Bitcoin Merch Mission Satement:

“BitcoinMerch.com vision is to supply customers with all physical cryptocurrency products, such as mining equipment, hardware wallets, and novelty items, while also providing exceptional and knowledgeable customer service with fast shipping.”

Now I wish you good luck and best of success with your bitcoin mining operation.

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