Superstar Rapper Eminem References Bitcoin in New Album ‘Kamikaze’

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Superstar Rapper Eminem References Bitcoin in New Album 'Kamikaze'

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Rap superstar and legend Eminem has referenced Bitcoin in his new album ‘”Kamikaze’s” song “Not Alike”. The specific lyrics are “Remember everybody used to bite nickel, now everybody doin’ Bitcoin”. This is probably the first time a celebrity musician of such high status and caliber as Eminem has referenced Bitcoin.

These lyrics might be a reference to how everybody used to use fiat currency, since the nickel is a USD 0.05 coin, and now they’re using Bitcoin. While the lyrics are simple, it is quite prophetic and in agreement with expert crypto analysts who think Bitcoin will replace fiat currencies. This is because Bitcoin, unlike USD and other fiat currencies is decentralized, and not prone to money printing or other abuse by centralized organizations in order to make money and balance a budget. Also, Bitcoin transactions are instant and incur low fees especially when sending large amounts. Further, the digital currency is cryptographically secure, making it better than fiat for international finance.

A search of Urban Dictionary did have a result for nickel biter, it supposedly means someone who bites the nickels wealthy people drop on the sidewalks. If Eminem is using this definition, he is saying people who used to be poor are now coming up in the world and are using Bitcoin, since Bitcoin is now considered a sign of prosperity and wealth, especially after the rally to USD 20,000 this past year.

Eminem has 21.8 million Twitter followers, about half as many as the President of the United States, and has sold 47.4 million albums, 107.5 million singles, and 220 million records worldwide. Although this reference to Bitcoin was brief and buried in a long rap song, there is a high likelihood that millions of people will hear it, which could lead to increased Bitcoin adoption. Eminem listeners who aren’t already using Bitcoin might start to research Bitcoin after hearing about it from their favorite rapper.

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