Survey: 60% of US Consumers Wished They Invested in Bitcoin

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Survey: 60% of US Consumers Wished They Invested in Bitcoin

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A new study released by CreditCoin shows that more than half of US consumers surveyed who didn’t own Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency wished they did. Additionally, new cryptocurrency adopters find that the processes of buying digital currency are too complex, and therefore off-putting to those new to the space, writes Benzinga.

The report is based on a survey of 1,000 US consumers who have had some experience of Bitcoin. It was initiated in order to better understand what perceptions people have about digital currencies and how they are being utilized.

Millennials again featured as the predominant group with a huge 40% ownership, with males almost twice that of their female counterparts. The next major group were Gen X and Baby Boomers owning Bitcoins and altcoins to the tune of 24% and 15% respectively.

Perhaps the most interesting factor which came out of the survey was the difficulty expressed by 44% of respondents that cryptocurrencies were difficult to buy. Security was an issue among 64% of millennials.

“Purchasing cryptocurrency at other exchanges can be technologically challenging,” said Jennifer Hansen, spokesperson for CreditCoin. “Cryptocurrency is undeniably here to stay so we created CreditCoin to make it possible for everyone to participate without being required to know anything about eWallets or connecting their bank account to an exchange.”

Three-quarters of people surveyed stated that they would be more likely to choose a partner who was knowledgeable about cryptocurrency ahead of a non-cryptocurrency user, although when given the choice to date a cryptocurrency saver over a divorcee with a child, most went for the latter choice.

Some other messages were clear from the snapshot survey, such as that 80% own cryptocurrency for investment purposes (hodlers) and over half of the respondents envisaged having 10% of their savings in crypto for ten years.

More people said that, given a gift of USD 10,000, they would rather buy cryptocurrency than spend it on a house or a car. Unusual purchases included a dog, a wedding, and case of Sriracha.


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