Survey: Retirees, Younger Investors Should Consider Long-Term Crypto

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One truth all too well hard to dispel is the fact that the older generations will always remember the impact of the last financial crisis, as well as the fear of it happening again. And while Bitcoin and the Blockchain may be making waves in their own ways, most American retirees can hardly picture themselves owning a Bitcoin without being reminded that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

This probably summarizes the survey carried out by precious-metal resource website Gold IRA Guide, as it discovered that more than half of its respondents said they know about Bitcoin but aren’t interested in investing. The source blames it on proper education on Bitcoin, its technology and its function as a currency. However, it’s truly hard not to be cautious, especially when Bitcoin’s volatility is nothing like anyone on Wall Streets have experienced even with the most volatile of stocks. And so as an investment, it probably doesn’t signal much safety. Okay, granted maybe gold may have been a little crazy too at some point.

Bitcoin volatility vs other assets

If history has taught anything, it is that not having a radical investment in one’s diversified portfolio can make growth rather slow, but even that is a double-edged sword. Still, a recommended 1% investment of an entire hedge funds capital into Bitcoin seems like a logical bet. And while it appears small, the nature of Bitcoin’s volatility can make a hugely positive impact when the price goes up and minimal when it goes down – after all, it’s just 1 percent of the entire portfolio.

But it appears even those retirees willing to invest in bitcoin do not know how. Perhaps a proper education is long overdue here.

Recently, a crypto enthusiast and host of financial podcast Evolvement, Michael Nye, expressed his excitement when his father paid off a golf bet he lost to a 70-years old neighbor using Bitcoin.

Extrapolating the findings of the survey, the 70-years old neighbor may as well belong to the “smallest group of respondents, a mere 2.7 percent, claim that they own at least some Bitcoin.”

The survey concluded suggesting “retirees and younger investors alike should seriously consider long-term investing in cryptocurrencies,” as well as an argument for Bitcoin :


“It’s a government hedge. Their worth has little to do with the constantly shifting fiat environment. This is why many analyst observers and investors view the digital currencies as contrarian assets like gold.”


“It offers another form of retirement asset diversification. As the digital assets keep increasing their adoption and rising higher in value over time, this will represent a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors wishing to substantially increase the value of their retirement savings.”

Remember? A radical investment within a portfolio.


“It provides massive longer-term growth potential. This is why Bitcoin is ideally suited for retirement planning, as this future planning is built entirely on the longer term.”

Yes, risky as it may appear, still having a little of it as a means of diversification only makes sense even for the most risk-averse.

A recent assessment done by Morgan Creek warns of high-risk exposure of pension funds. Gladly, the millennial generation is more dynamic and shifting focus away from proven traditional investment tactics into cryptocurrency aided retirement plans. Testing new verticals and expanding investment horizons is just what the digital asset ecosystem is about.


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