Tackling Gender Inequality in the Crypto Space

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Tackling Gender Inequality in the Crypto Space

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Recent figures released from community-driven Bitcoin statistics and services site Coin Dance, show that as of May 2018, 94.73% of Bitcoin community engagement and active participation comes from men and 5.27% from women.

This gender discrepancy is borne out in a Reddit user survey, conducted at the end of 2017, which showed that 96% of Ether users were men, with MyEtherWallet reporting that 84% of their wallet holders were male, according to Cointelegraph.

Numerous studies such as these show that the percentage of women invested and involved in cryptocurrency is far lower than that of men.

A study entitled ‘Risk and Reward Are Processed Differently in Decisions Made Under Stress‘ found that “stress amplifies gender differences in strategies during risky decisions, with males taking more risk and females less risk under stress,” citing this as possibly one reason that women shy away from careers in banking and finance.

The volatile nature of cryptocurrency in investment is reputed to be a major factor for the gender disparity in blockchain involvement according to the study. The other factor is gender demographics, suggests Phu Styles, founder of the Women in Blockchain Foundation: “As with most things tech related, men are the target demographic for crypto, thus due to a lack of exposure, there are fewer women invested/involved in cryptocurrency.”

There have been initiatives to address this gender disparity and get more women involved in the crypto space. Events such as last month’s Mogul’s ‘Women in Crypto’ event held in New York attracted worldwide attention from over 80,000 people, although it is not clear what the gender divide was on the statistic. Also, the Women in Blockchain Foundation has been making an effort to get more women involved in the blockchain and crypto space.

Lauren Harrington in Intelligent IQ writes that, although the number of women involved in the industry is small, the individuals that are involved are making a big impact, writing, “Some of the most influential leaders in this space driving the development of Blockchain and increasing awareness of its potential are females.”

Harrington suggests that women such as Elizabeth Stark, co-founder, and CEO of Lightning labs and Linda Xie, co-founder and Managing Director at Scalar capital, are just two female executives making significant waves in the industry, pointing out that:

“Groups including Women in Blockchain Organization, Women in Blockchain Global, and the Women in Blockchain meetup are just a few of the groups committed to supporting and empowering women who are involved, or want to get involved in the space.”


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