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ConsenSys to Assist in Blockchain Training for Young Black Women

ConsenSys to Launch Blockchain Training for Young Black Women

ConsenSys has teamed up with Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization providing tech training to young women of color between the ages of 7 and 17. The partnership will establish the first blockchain training program of its kind in the US which will branch into US states and beyond. The program will be available in Oakland, California, Atlanta, Georgia and …

ConsenSys, AMD to Develop W3BCloud, a Blockchain-Based Throughput Solution

ConsenSys, AMD to Develop W3BCloud, a Blockchain-Based Throughput Solution

A press release yesterday by blockchain software company ConsenSys detailed the inking of a new partnership deal with American multinational semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Abu Dhabi-based investment management firm Halo Holdings, to develop an optimized blockchain-based cloud solution dubbed W3BCloud for the blockchain industry throughput. “W3BCLOUD is focused on providing the first independent cloud computing blockchain infrastructure, …

Joe Lubin Sees “Bright Future” for Ethereum: “Sky Not Falling”

Joe Lubin Sees Bright Future for Ethereum Sky Not Falling

Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of ConsenSys sees a “very bright” future for Ethereum. The ConsenSys founder’s comments give some comfort to Ethereum investors after a tumultuous year on the markets, which is only just beginning to show a bullish side in the lead into Christmas. His comments were responding to criticism of a proposed final total of …

XRP Preferred Christmas Crypto Gift as Coinbase Boss Reflects on Industry Year

XRP, BTC, ETH, Ripple,

A GloBee poll has revealed that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts would rather receive XRP as a gift than BTC. The as yet incomplete poll is currently testing the popularity of three leading cryptocurrencies to see how they stand up against each other as a yuletide gift. With just a few hours left before the big day, XRP has the edge against …

First Mexican Blockchain Association Established with ConsenSys as Founding Member

First Mexican Blockchain Association Established with ConsenSys as Founding Member

Mexico has established its first blockchain association comprised of world-leading and domestic industry leaders, with ConsenSys as a founding member. Who’s in? As reported by Forbes Mexico, the new association has members that for a majority represent the cryptocurrency and finance facet of the industry. For example, Bitso and Volabit are Mexican crypto exchanges, and there is also BIVA, Mexico’s …

South Korean KT SAT Eying Blockchain for the Satellite Industry

South Korean KT SAT Eying Blockchain for the Satellite Industry

A South Korean satellite operator has expressed an interest in exploring how blockchain could be utilized within the satellite industry. The company KT SAT boasting 50 years’ experience as Korea’s sole operator plans to bring blockchain and cybersecurity companies together through its new workgroup, the KT SAT Eco Alliance, in order to see where blockchain can be integrated into current …

Kaleido, AWS Launch Blockchain Solutions Marketplace

ConsenSys, Amazon Web Services Launch Blockchain Solutions Marketplace

ConsenSys subsidiary blockchain company Kaleido has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a full-stack platform for decentralized enterprise solutions. Dubbed Kaleido Marketplace, the companies’ press release claims the platform offers a ”whole cloud of blockchain technologies” that can save enterprises the work involved in creating a blockchain themselves, allowing them to more quickly reach live production. According to the …

ConsenSys Acquires Space Mining Company

Blockchain Company ConsenSys Acquires Space Mining Company, Will Bring Blockchain To Space

The blockchain firm ConsenSys, which has over 900 employees, has acquired Planetary Resources as of 31 October 2018. This partnership could bring blockchain technology into space. Planetary Resources is a company which focuses on mining life-sustaining resources in space, rather than transporting resources from Earth, which is inefficient due to the tremendous cost of launching anything beyond the grip of …

Demand for DLT Expertise Skyrockets by 300% in the US

In the US, Glassdoor’s job search website has reported four times more offers on blockchain and cryptocurrency positions in August 2018 than that of the previous year. The significant rise in job vacancies in the US blockchain and crypto market is buoyed by those positions requiring software developers, which now represent every fifth vacancy. In August 2017, 446 jobs posted …

Manny Pacquiao Hangs Up Gloves for Politics, Crypto


It is becoming well known among the crypto community that endorsements and new startups involving celebrities from music and sport are on the rise, but this time it’s an odd combination of ex-boxer newly-turned politician who’s dipped into cryptocurrency. Enter Philippines Senator and one-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao who is to make a gloves-off fighting appearance for crypto at …

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