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Paris Mural Bitcoin Puzzle Solved

Paris Mural Bitcoin Puzzle Solved

French crypto artist Pascal Boyart‘s Bitcoin competition came to an end yesterday when two diligent participants cracked the code, winning USD 1,000 in BTC. Boyart set the challenge seven days ago hiding the public keys to the BTC in his mural based on Delacroix’s original “Liberty Leading the People” in honor of yellow vest protesters standing up against government cuts …

Macron’s Got Problems but Blockchain Ain’t One

Macron's Got Problems but Blockchain Ain't One

French President Emmanuel Macron is seeing his popularity wane by the day due to his planned reforms for business and industry but new technologies appear to be flourishing under the current government, regardless of current discontentment. Blockchain, in particular, has been earmarked and the latest news of IBM’s new initiatives and investments which should bring 1,800 jobs to France won’t …

Mais Oui! French Tabacs to Sell Bitcoin Next Year

Mais Oui! French Tabacs to Sell Bitcoin Next Year

The French Tabac (tobacco store) is a national institution but next year is changing quite dramatically as along with your pack of Gitanes, morning coffee and perhaps a small cognac, you can now pick up your Bitcoin. The Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR), the institution charged with monitoring the transactions performed by banks and insurance companies in France, …

French Crypto Taxes See Yet Another Drop Proposal

french, finance, bitcoin, cryptocurrency

After stating in April 2018 that cryptocurrency taxes in France would be lowered, it appears that the government has settled on a figure. Gains from the sale of cryptocurrencies were previously labeled as industrial and commercial profits under French tax law and therefore could have up to as much as 45% tax levied on them for larger users. With French social …

French College Opens Up Tuition Payments to Bitcoin

French College Opens Up Tuition Payments to Bitcoin

A French business school has announced that its foreign students will now able to pay their course fees using Bitcoin. The Financia Business School in Paris, which includes master classes in fintech and blockchain technology on its curriculum, has included Bitcoin as a payment method to serve its 25% foreign enrolment. The college, which also offers bachelor’s and MBA qualifications, has …

Regulations Push Number of Crypto Ads in France Down 11%

Regulations Push Number of Crypto Ads in France Down 11%

Following France’s decision to ban cryptocurrency advertising and restrict contract for difference (CFD) ads, these two areas have seen their share of the financial advertisement market plummet. CFD refers to a popular form of derivative trading. France’s financial markets regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) shared the financial advertisement stats from January-September on Friday, revealing that crypto-related ads dropped to just a …

Heat Your House Whilst Earning Using French Crypto-Heater

A French-based startup has come up with a unique idea which enables users to heat their homes whilst using the same energy to mine cryptocurrency. Startup Qarnot has manufactured the QC 1 crypto-heater, one of two products using both heating and computer energy, which uses the heat generated by home computers to heat the surrounding area via a system of …

700 French Savers Targeted By Bogus Exchanges in $35 Million Hype

700 French Savers Targeted By Phoney Exchanges in $35 Million Hype

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the French independent stock market regulator in that country, has told French newspaper La Parisienne that 700 savers have fallen foul of a current bout of phone scams in this year alone. The amount of money lost to the scams is estimated to be around EUR 31 million ($35 million) according to the newspaper …

Luxembourg Aims to Provide Legal Certainty for Blockchain


The government of Luxembourg is hoping to pass a bill through their legislature which will enable blockchain technology to be backed by an extra layer of legal security. Tiny landlocked Luxembourg has an important role in the EU as the seat of the European Court of Justice, the highest judicial authority in the European Community. The bill which is being …

UNICEF France Now Accepting Multiple Crypto Coin Donations

UNICEF France Now Accepting Multiple Crypto Coin Donations

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has announced that its French office now accepts cryptocurrency donations. UNICEF France has followed up on other cryptocurrency related initiatives it adopted this year, to add 9 popular digital currencies to its website donation portal. The donation option features most of the popular coins including BCH and BTC. The United Nations Children’s Fund is …

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