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Decentralized Internet Platform Arbolet Announces English Localization


The internet has developed to be one of the most dependable digital tools in the world and has everyone connected by some piece of technology. Many activities take place on the internet making the world shrinking into a global village – becoming smaller and defying all cross-country boundaries. As powerful as the internet is or can be, allowing only a …

Internet Comes to Cuba, Will Cubans Come to Crypto?

Internet Comes to Cuba, Will Cubans Comes to Crypto?

Thursday, 6 December 2018, marks a milestone in the history of Cuba; for the first time, residents will have access to the internet on their mobile phones, potentially to cryptocurrencies also. With relevant news still breaking, there are no clear answers yet which cryptocurrency exchanges will be accessible in the region, although presumably there will be no firewall restrictions. Estimates have nearly …

Chinese Supreme Court Says Blockchain Can Be Legally Binding

China's Supreme Court Adjudicates Blockchain Can Be Legally Binding

China‘s Supreme Court set an international precedent Friday by adjudicating that blockchain evidence can be seen as legally binding in court, effective immediately. The decision comes with the minor caveat of courts requiring both parties in each case to provide evidence that blockchain technology was legitimately used in the manner they claim. The ruling puts an end to any uncertainty surrounding the …

Bitcoin Predicted to Dominate Future of Online Marketplaces

Bitcoin Predicted To Dominate The Future Of Online Marketplace

Bitcoin is becoming the world’s number one internet currency. This is according to Jack Dorsey, the owner of Square. He says that Bitcoin will emerge with time to become the Internet’s “native currency”, with the increasing popularity of the currency to overrun other internet currencies and become a preferred medium of exchange. Bitcoin’s predicted future dominance Jack Dorsey predicted the …

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