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MinexPay Announce Seamless Crypto-to-Fiat Solution and Public Test for its Crypto Cards


There is no shortage of wallet solutions for storing cryptocurrencies, yet none of them gives users the ability to own their own cryptocurrency bank account for spending just like any other fiat account. While numerous third-party solutions exist to help users convert crypto to fiat for daily spending, none of these solutions offers the seamless usage fiat is renowned for. …

MinexPay offers Unprecedented Payment Solutions with its Crypto Card

The blockchain platform ushering in a new era for stable cryptocurrency, MinexSystems, has announced ongoing pre-order for its crypto payment card,  MinexPay debit card. The crypto debit card is set to facilitate real-world use of cryptocurrency, enabling the public to utilise their crypto assets in real-time services or purchases. MinexSystems is the leading developer behind two of the most forward-thinking …

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