The Bitcoin Rabbi Exclusive: I Envision a World Where Bitcoin Is a Dominant Reserve Currency

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Michael Caras, popularly known as the Bitcoin Rabbi, recently published his children’s book, entitled ‘Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money’. Through this publication, Caras aims to bridge the age gap between children and the conventional followers of cryptocurrency, by condensing his ideas into simple analogies and illustrations.

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Drawing parallels between Bitcoin and Judaism

Caras is an orthodox Jew who teaches Judaic subjects in a Jewish Day school. Apart from his religious beliefs, he finds himself quite intrigued by Blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies, with a particular interest in Bitcoin.

Drawing parallels between the several thousand years of tradition in Judaism and Bitcoin, Caras referred to the transmission of Jewish traditions from generations to generations as a ‘chain’, in a way similar to the Bitcoin blockchain which has a network of nodes and miners. According to him, this can be compared to the relationship between grand rabbis and the average person.

The book has received a lot of positive feedback from several Bitcoiners. Giacomo Zucco, director of the BHB Network, said:

 “It’s better than many books for grownups. I look forward to giving it to my daughter in a couple years.”

Pierre Rochard, founder of Lightning Power Users also commented on the illustrations:

“With beautiful illustrations and engaging plot twists, this book teaches timeless economic lessons.”

Max Hillebrand of World Crypto Network said:

“This book is a crash course on the economics and ethics of Bitcoin and why it is important, conveyed intuitively with easy examples of children playing and exchanging. You really hit it home!”

Caras initially thought of writing this book to introduce Bitcoin to his seven-year-old daughter through catchy illustrations. Later, he received a good response from the elders of his family who obtained a basic understanding of the currency without any intricacies. Although it helps to bridge the differences between children and adults, he believes children still have an upper-hand in becoming well-versed with the emerging cryptocurrency as they find themselves more familiar with technology.

Bitcoin as “good money”

The economic aspects of Bitcoin are highlighted in the book by tracing back to the history of currencies and comparing Bitcoin with the fiscal qualities of all types of currencies. Caras believes that people have a basic knowledge about the pros and cons of different kinds of currencies and his book emphasizes on this aspect by introducing Bitcoin as a solution for the deficiencies in other forms of currencies. He hopes that through this book, people become aware of Bitcoin and come to an understanding of “why Bitcoin is good money”.

When asked about the future prospects of Bitcoin, Caras told Bitcoin News,

“I expect to see the awareness of Bitcoin to grow rapidly in the coming decades and generations. All studies show that younger people are much more positive about Bitcoin than the older generations. I think that the verdict is still unclear on the entire Blockchain/crypto/digital asset industry, but I can envision a world where Bitcoin is the dominant reserve currency, or at least a major player in world finance.”

Bitcoiners meet at the NYC book launch

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