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The Spiritual Implications of Bitcoin

written by

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“The quality of a society is directly correlated to the quality of its money.”

-Mike Maloney. 

In order for humanity to make the leap from a type-zero civilization to a type-one civilization, we need massive cooperation on a planetary scale. In my opinion, this type of cooperation can only come from the divine realization that we are all one, that we are all in this together. But with growing inequity and division, how will we ever come to such a conclusion? I believe that Bitcoin will accelerate this leap in consciousness, by creating a more equitable society. 

Indisputably, time is the most valuable aspect of nature. Time is what allows change, it’s what we’re all here to experience. We are all born on Earth with an expiration date, and every second of every day, we move closer to death. I believe that the ultimate goal of humanity is to realize the truth of existence; to discover what this is all ‘about’; this world, this being-ness, this place in time and space. Self-realization, divine union, enlightenment, nirvana; whatever you would like to call it, this is the highest goal of the human being. However, if you decide to diverge down the path of truth, you quickly realize that such devotion and practice takes a lot of time. It is anything but easy to dedicate your precious hours to sit and meditate each day, or practice yoga, or study spiritual writings. To survive in the modern age demands the majority, if not all of our time and attention. 

Inflation steals our time.

Discretely, with great stealth and camouflage, it commandeers our money, our vital life force, our security; our time. In fact, we are so busy with survival that most of us don’t even know that we are being robbed. To steal a man’s time without him knowing will be looked upon in the future as one of the greatest sins. It breaks every spiritual law, it is abhorrently immoral, and it should be stopped at all costs. Satoshi knew this. Through his marvelous invention, we finally have a way to reclaim our lost time. We have a way to store our time, without it leaking through inflation, taxes, war, or confiscation. We finally have the opportunity to preserve our vital life force indefinitely.

“Money is the highest form of energy that humans can channel.”

Michael Saylor

Bitcoin is perfect money.

Instead of laboring for 45 years while staying economically stagnant, the common person will actually be able to save their energy through this new tech. The proletariat of tomorrow will be able to transcend previous energetic limitations, and traditional retirement will not come at age 65, but rather, at age 40, or earlier.

Now, we must define what retirement actually means. According to Paramahansa Yogananda, one of the defining figures of 20th-century western yogic thought, we should spend the first 25 years of our life learning, the second 25 years as head of household, and the remaining time should be spent in various spiritual pursuits such as deep meditation and yoga. However, almost nobody lives this way today. We work until age 65, ‘retire’, and then we simply wait around to die more or less. Obviously, some people find great joy in retirement, but the vast majority of people are simply too tired at that point in their lives to attempt spiritual transformation.

Retirement in the new age will be considered a relinquishing of most worldly forms. After all, what is there left to do once you have achieved freedom from debt and wage slavery? This is one of the greatest questions we can ask ourselves. Once we are free of the world, how will we spend our time? It will vary greatly based on the individual, but I believe that most people will shift toward an increasingly spiritually inspired inclination. 

What is left after retirement from worldly responsibility?

Self-reflection? Gardening? Painting? Pottery? Passion projects? Art? Meditation? Time spent with family and friends? Time spent in nature? All are simple soul desires and spiritual pursuits. After all, for what reason are we here, other than to realize ourselves fully? I believe that through the surplus of time that Bitcoin will create, our minds will become a beautiful ocean of calm, clear coherence as we realize ourselves through and through by way of meditation and creative inspiration. 

As Eckhart Tolle said in A New Earth, the new age of enlightenment is upon us. Our minds are beginning to bloom beautifully right now on a massive scale, as the first flowers did millions of years ago. A shift is occurring. The Earth is becoming less hostile toward spiritually inclined contemplative types, through divinely inspired inventions like Bitcoin.

The incumbents are capitulating, the drowsy are being shaken out of their shackles, the old are considering the new, and the new have already been set ablaze. It is simply a matter of time before we are able to see the vast implications of the love-bomb that is Bitcoin. It was through the pure hearts and cutting intellect of man that we were able to discover this technology, and it will again be through our purity and love that we ascend to higher dimensions of being on planet Earth. 

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