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Two Influential Authors Expose Subscribers to Bitcoin

Two Influential Authors Expose Subscribers to Bitcoin

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The exposure of bitcoin and altcoins as alternate means of transfer of value is spreading like a wildfire, still, the adoption rate is quite incomparable to the level of awareness. Two influential authors have taken a rather unconventional route – being outside the cryptocurrency space to exploring the subject of Bitcoin.

Tony Robbins, an influential life coach and author of bestselling ‘Awaken the giant within’ – sold over 2 million copies – recently took to Twitter and directed his 3 million+ followers to an article written by Team Tony describing Bitcoin in a simple language for the layperson to grasp. The article was written when bitcoin was USD 9,979 and from the tweet, a few have engaged showing conversance with the subject.

Indeed, according to the article, “trying to explain bitcoin is like trying to explain the Internet to someone in the 80s,” this has become a common analogy to establish a baseline reference for the nascent technology behind bitcoin – blockchain. However, the article did a good job explaining what the technology is all about and how the cryptocurrency functions as a decentralized currency and “like other currencies and commodities,” its usage are relative to supply, demand and perceived value.

Another prominent influencer, author and professor at the University of Toronto Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist who sold over 2 million copies of his latest book ‘12 Rules for Life’, recently included a bitcoin address to his website for donation purposes.

Peterson’s experience stemmed from the fact that “MC/Visa/PayPal/Patreon [are] transforming themselves into censors?” He began looking for alternatives to subscription content service Patreon after a recent incident involving a ban without prior warning to a video creator with over 800,000 subscribers. He, having over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube decided to source for alternative crowdfunding solutions.

These eye-opening events are a few of the countless Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exposures happening around the globe daily. More people are finding their way to the subject of the decentralized economy and asset handling.

Remarkably, a sum total of about 4 million subscribers from these two influential authors alone would have been exposed to the subject at some point and would begin considering the reality of a decentralized economy – that is for those not already onboard.

With 2018 being a very bearish year for cryptocurrencies, many thought it was an opportunity for sifting crypto-projects, and further expect 2019 to be a year of more solid blockchain infrastructures and the influx of institutional investors


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