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US Talk Radio Raises Over $80,000 in Crypto to Build Ugandan Orphanage

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An independent Free Talk Live broadcast show (FTL) broadcast from New Hampshire has announced that it has been able to raise over USD 80,000 towards establishing an orphanage for Ugandan children.

The project to build an orphanage in a small Ugandan village has been led by The Foundation of Hope Uganda and one of the foundation’s ministers, Ndifuna Johnson. Much of the funds have come from an unexpected source: the radio show’s listeners.

Using FTL’s cryptocurrency tip jar, listeners have been able to donate DASH, BTC, BCH through Shapeshift. Co-host Mark Edge has put out the good word and a call for funds via his broadcasts which reaches nearly 200 radio stations.

With USD 45,000 in digital funds already raised for the orphanage’s construction and now a further USD 35,000 amassed for the purchase of the land which will purchase the children’s new home, the project is well on the way. FTL had also previously hooked, Cell411 and the Shire Free Church in order to raise the much-needed capital.

This is very much a hands-on project, with the villages all chipping in where they could to make it happen, including handcrafting thousands of clay bricks in anticipation of the funds being raised. FTL’s Mark Edge was clearly impressed by the level of community activity and spirit shown once the project had been announced, commenting:

“They did it piece by piece, first the foundation, walls, second floor — Bit by bit, over time. It looks great and can fit 40 kids. It also functions as a sort of community center for all the children in the village.”

With the children taken care of, the orphanage cum community center will also allow the tiny Ugandan village to free its residents for other important tasks relevant to the livelihood of the community such as tending livestock and growing crops.

P2P cryptocurrency exchange Paxful has also made a name as a humanitarian financer of worthwhile projects in such small villages in Africa, supporting the construction of two schools, this time in Rwanda.

NGO Zam Zam Water, in a cooperative project with Paxful, had planned to raise USD 100,000 for an education center in Rwanda’s Bugesera District comprising two schools back in August. This followed on from the construction of the first primary school earlier in the year using Paxful’s BuiltWithBitcoin initiative and a donation of USD 50,000 in Bitcoin.

The second, much larger, project has now been fundraised for and completed in the space of just a few short months, providing the region with its second school double the size of the first, with six classrooms and six full-time teachers. The school also has its own cafeteria, potable well, and sustainable solar panel power system.


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