Financial Privacy Matters To Everyone

Privacy is intimately tied to human potential
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David Chaum
Scientist, cryptographer and privacy expert

Financial Privacy Is Essential

Imagine living inside a surveillance state. The government tracks all your financial transactions and habits.

But I have nothing to hide…
But this
cannot happen here…
But we live in a democracy…

That’s how most people react as they don’t want to realize that we already live under extreme financial surveillance globally.

Your Financial Data Belongs To You!

Privacy is your ability to selectively reveal yourself to the world.

In today’s digital world, surveillance and data mining is a seen as ‘normal’.

This is wrong and we need to make privacy the standard.

It’s no one’s business what you purchase online, which hotel you booked and where you travel.

Privacy a basic right. Privacy should be a common practice not something you have to fight for.

We need to reclaim our financial privacy now.

Protect Your Data

Financial institutions manage enormous amounts of private information about their clients.

When you swipe your credit card or make a purchase online, your data is stored and used without you knowing about it.

Big companies and governments are competing to track and trace your habits, transactions and intentions.

This goes well beyond any legitimate purpose.


Reclaim Your Online Privacy

Now is the time to take action. Only if we reclaim our privacy, we can own it.  

Eliminate the risks involved with financial transactions. 

Don’t let anyone spy on your financial life.


Experience Effortless Privacy With Wasabi Wallet 2.0

Wasabi Wallet is a free an open source bitcoin wallet that makes privacy as simple as a click of a button.

Because of the way Wasabi is designed and engineered, nobody can breach your privacy, not the developers, not the public, not any other third-party.

Bitcoin Privacy
Wasabi Wallet 100%

How it works

Free CoinJoin up to 0.01 BTC

CoinJoins of 0.01 BTC or less are free. Make as many CoinJoins as you'd like without paying anything at all.

Your Data Can't Be Leaked

Your data is 100% secure. Neither your transactions or CoinJoins are visible to the public.

Full control over your private keys

You are in full control over your private keys. You are the only one in charge of the Bitcoin you hold on the Wasabi Wallet.

Download Wasabi Wallet 2.0

Head over to select your OS and download the installation file.

Wasabi Wallet is available for all common operating systems such as Windows 10, MacOS 10.15 and Ubuntu/Debian. Downloading and installing only takes a few minutes.

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