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Where To Spend Bitcoin – Top 10 Websites 2022

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Bitcoin has grown in popularity among, savers, traders and investors since its inception in 2009. But what can you actually buy with bitcoin?

Bitcoin acceptance as a method of payment for everyday goods and services is naturally slower than its use as a store of value. People like to keep their bitcoin as they expect the price to go up.

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But things are changing and more and more merchants accept bitcoin in 2022. In El Salvador bitcoin was made legal tender and now thousands of merchants have adopted bitcoin.

Being digital money, bitcoin is a great method of payment for online purchases. The following is a list of marketplaces where you can buy goods and spend bitcoin.

So if you ever wondered “Where can I spend my bitcoin?” here is the ultimate guide:

Markets where you can spend bitcoin

  1. Shopinbit – A website to buy anything with bitcoin
  2. P2P Marketplace – Telegram group for p2p buys and sells of different goods
  3. Bitrefill – Spend bitcoin with gift cards and buy mobile phone recharges
  4. Lightning Network Stores – Collection of stores accepting lightning network payments
  5. – Market to buy real estate, cars, and luxury goods with bitcoin
  6. Tukan Market – The Craiglist of bitcoin, lets you create your own virtual store and earn bitcoin
  7. Bitcoin Merch – Shop for bitcoin mining hardware and electronics
  8. Bitejo – A peer-to-peer marketplace for trades in bitcoin
  9. Travala – Book hotels and flights with bitcoin and lightning
  10. Other retailers – Places where to spend bitcoin and bitcoin cards

Shopinbit – market to spend bitcoin on anything you want

Shopinbit is the largest bitcoin shop in Europe. As a multicurrency e-commerce market you can buy anything from electronics, bikes, and beauty and personal care products to outdoor, sports, home and garden, toys, pet supplies, and erotica.

The product selection is extensive, and the website navigation is simple. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted. You can also pay via PayPal or prepayment. PayPal payment is accepted for orders up to 1000€.

Pay via the Lightning Network

On Shopinbit, you can even make instant and cheap Lightning Network payments up to 3000€. If you pay with bitcoin or ‘crypto’, you’ll get a 3% discount. According to Shopinbit, there is no need for a customer account to shop on their website as they take privacy very serious. When you buy a product, you enter your name, shipping address, and email or phone number.

When buying products, they offer free shipping for all orders exceeding 21€. Shipping is limited to the European Union, but worldwide shipping is planned for Q3 2022.

Shopinbit also offers a concierge service. If the product you like is not listed in the shop, they’ll deliver it to you upon previous contact and agreement. The payment is upfront, but you get a two-year retailer’s warranty, no KYC, and a single point of contact for everything. The website is available in three languages: English, German, and Polish.

P2P Marketplace – Telegram marketplace for private trades

A marketplace is any kind of venue where people can come together and trade goods and services. The P2P Marketplace is using the Telegram messaging app as a meeting point.

People post their offers, indicating the price mostly in bitcoin, and buyers contact each other directly through private messages or secret chats. The group has over 1000 members from all over the world.

It’s possible to create buy or sell posts, offer services, trade, or even sell products or services via an external website. It’s possible to include a link to a website and a short description.

Similar to, people arrange deals privately here, and no escrow service is provided. When a trade is completed, the user should delete the listing from the market. Occasionally, users are prompted to leave feedback about sellers. The most common products sold on the P2P Marketplace are miners for Bitcoin mining and other electronics. However, the products offered depend on the kind of users joining the group.

Bitrefill – Marketplace for bitcoin gift cards

Bitrefill is a popular platform offering prepaid gift cards to shop at thousands of stores worldwide.

To purchase a gift card, a top up can be done via the Lightning Network and bitcoin on-chain. There’s no need to register to use any of the services.

Bitrefill’s API enables access to a plethora of products from companies such as Amazon, Delta Air Lines, Walmart, Nike, Uber, Decathlon, Airbnb, Lastminute, McDonald’s, KFC, TacoBell, IKEA or Nintendo.

Buying gift cards with Bitrefill is easy. Simply enter the amount to be credited, provide an email address to receive a receipt or voucher code, pay with bitcoin and wait for a gift card code to be redeemable.

On Bitrefill, you can also create customizable vouchers to be sent for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, weddings or other special events.

If you’re a gamer, then you can buy video games with bitcoin and earn a 10% reward on your purchases. You can even buy a ticket for your flight or book a room in a hotel and pay for it in bitcoin with a gift card.

In some countries, you can even pay your bills or electricity with a Bitrefill gift card.
Using Bitrefill on a regular basis is rewarded as you earn back a portion of your purchases through a cashback reward that is paid in Satoshis to your account credit.

Lightning Network Stores – Stores to spend bitcoin via LN

Lightning Network Stores is a platform featuring places where you can pay with bitcoin via the Lightning network. They allow users to create store reviews or to rate merchants by placing a vote which costs 1 satoshi.

In addition users can use a bitcoin faucet on the site and receive 10 free sats that can be used to vote for merchants.

Anyone can add a store to the website. Store owners receive a link to their email address, and they can then proceed to update the information on their website. If a user believes that a store should be, for some reason, removed from the platform, he or she can do it by clicking the icon on the store page. Controversial strikes are calculated according to a formula used by Reddit.

Lightning Network Stores promote new and trending stores via tweets. There’s a certain formula applied to tweet frequency, and it involves sats payments. There are currently 599 merchants listed on the platform. They range from merchandise, internet infrastructure, food stores, bitcoin games, gambling apps, and more. It’s impressive to see how many stores and services already accept payments via the Lightning network.

Cryptoexchange – best market to buy a house and luxury goods

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have created a slew of new millionaires. They had amassed considerable wealth, but there were few options for putting it to use. Now they can purchase luxury items, cars, watches and real estate.

Cryptoexchange also serves as an escrow service to facilitate transactions of domain names, websites, and other products. The fee for the escrow service is determined by the size of the transaction, and it decreases as the amount increases. When users sell their products and a buyer purchases them, the Bitcoin is held in escrow by the escrow officer until the buyer receives and verifies the product. When everything is completed, the Bitcoin is released to the seller.

Users can use the marketplace to sell their products or buy luxury items with bitcoin. Cryptoexchange conducts KYC to verify its users. The user needs to provide a copy of the ID document and proof of residence to verify the identity.

Tukan Market – best local market and a place to earn bitcoin

When it comes to peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplaces, Tukan Market is similar to Craiglist. Anyone can use the platform to sell their products, services, or used items. When a user creates a no KYC account, he or she can post advertisements for free.

It is sufficient to establish a brand for their virtual store and begin earning bitcoin by selling goods or providing services. The user can register with both an email address and a phone number.

Tukan Market publishes user ads for goods and services and does not accept direct payment for goods or shipping. Its function is to connect sellers and buyers so they can communicate privately via email or WhatsApp to finalize the details of the deal.

Since Tukan Market allows you to choose sellers in your area, the deal is usually finalized after a face-to-face meeting, an exchange of product or service, and a final payment in bitcoin or sats via Lightning Network.

Its ethos is to encourage the expansion of local, low-mile commerce. Farmers can sell their fresh food products and find customers in their local area. Customers can leave feedback and star ratings to improve user experience. Leaving reviews enables others to make better decisions when it comes to buying products from a specific person.

The website operates around the world, and anyone can open a virtual shop. The platform is available in three languages: English, Italian, and Polish. Tukan Market is a relatively new platform and can hopefully grow its userbase in coming years.

Bitcoin Merch – Shop for bitcoin mining hardware

Bitcoin Merch is a one stop shop for bitcoin mining equipment and other electronics listing over 1,000 products.

On Bitcoin Merch you can find everything to build out your custom bitcoin mining rig from the ground up. You can assemble your rig starting from CPU, frames/cases, graphics cards, ASIC miners accessories and other PC parts, motherboards, and power supplies.

In the accessories section you can buy all kinds of Bitcoin related stuff like t-shirts, hats, books, cups, socks, stickers, and so much more.

Further, Bitcoin Merch also offers products to store your bitcoin with full security. You can buy hardware wallets or seed backup solutions with bitcoin. Among the manufacturers listed are Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard, Ellipal, OpenDime, and others. Their website comes with detailed guides on how to mine Bitcoin and how to set up your mining rigs.

Available payment methods are: Coinbase Commerce, all kinds of credit cards, and PayPal.

Bitejo – Spend bitcoin in full privacy

Bitejo is a bitcoin marketplace where you can spend bitcoin on products and services. It is KYC-free and protects users’ privacy.

Reviews and reputation can assist in locating the best listings and sellers. There are no restrictions on what you can buy or sell on Bitejo. You can buy and sell products, look for jobs, hire people, start a fundraising campaign, donate to causes, and exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.

Bitejo members have access to a built-in bitcoin wallet, but they can also use their own. The marketplace is free to post and use, but a premium membership is required to unlock additional features. Users can post more listings and access other features for $10 per month. Bitejo has a referral program that pays out $5 for each new premium signup.

It’s one of the few platforms that take privacy serious, and that’s the reason why it doesn’t use tracking, display ads or sell user data. The platform is not stopping here. It’s working on decentralizing its platform into a federated marketplace where sellers will be able to host their own stores.

It will also add an escrow service where users can sign up as mediators to mediate disputes and a meeting place for members. Bitejo is still in a beta phase, but it already has different listings.

Travala – Book hotels and flights with bitcoin

Travala allows to spend Bitcoin on flights and hotels. Travala is the place to go if you want to spend your time traveling and doing activities while paying in bitcoin.

You can book a flight, a hotel room, or a house, for example, and you can even book activities all over the world. Travala offers 3,000,000 travel products and more than 600 different airline choices. It’s a fully fledged booking platform. The difference is made by the availability of bitcoin and Lightning network payments. Travelers are rewarded for accommodation bookings made with BTC through a royalty and cashback system.

Other places accepting bitcoin

Bitcoin is accepted by thousands of merchants online as well as in brick and mortar stores. Many accept bitcoin as an additional payment method, but they are not bitcoin marketplaces. is a map that helps you find bitcoin-friendly merchants. However, not all of the stores have up-to-date information, so it’s always best to check with the store directly to see if they’re still accepting BTC payments.

If you happen to visit Isle of Man you will find a number of acceptance points on a map provided by CoinCorner.

If you prefer warmer beaches than those on the Isle of Man you might like to visit the Bitcoin beach in the Bitcoin nation El Salvador. At the bitcoin beach you can spend bitcoin in many shops, cafes and restaurants.

BitcoinWide is a search engine specialized to find places of acceptance for bitcoin.

You can type in any good or service you need and the search engine delivers a result of someone selling the specific item for bitcoin.

Anyone accepting bitcoin can register on the website, creating a profile to get included in the global listing and verify their business or organization. 

BitcoinWide also allows to filter by categories and search for everyone accepting bitcoin in that category. Further they can use a map to narrow their search to their local area. 

BitcoinWide also has 9 preconfigured categories like entertainment, hotels and accommodation, but also web hosting and a very interesting category dedicated to online privacy. In the online privacy category, you’ll find privacy focused storage solutions, VPN and hosting services, private USB sticks, and others. 

Bitcoin is also accepted by sellers of VPN services such as ExpressVPN, IVPN, PureVPN, and NordVPN. Bitcoiner’s most liked VPN Mullvad also can be topped up via the Lightning Network through a payment service.

Coingate a payment processor also provides a directory of merchants where you can spend your bitcoin and its search is divided into 7 main categories, including gaming, luxury goods, consumer goods, entertainment, luxury goods, services, software & web services, and travel. 

On Coingate, you have a fantastic choice of 1500 gift cards to spend your bitcoin worldwide and live day-to-day on bitcoin without having to wait for adoption to progress.

Buy food with Bitcoin at 22,500 restaurants in Germany

Anyone wishing to live on bitcoin also needs to buy food with bitcoin. People living in Germany may consider themselves lucky as Lieferando will deliver them food paid for in bitcoin. Lieferando is a food delivery service with a very strong international presence, however bitcoin is only accepted for German restaurants to this date.

On their platform, you choose food from more than 22,500 partner restaurants or fast foods, pay, and they deliver it to your place. Clients collect points for every app or web purchase that can be redeemed for different products visible on their platform. Bitcoin payment is processed by BitPay and requires KYC verification.

Visa cards to spend bitcoin

If there’s no bitcoin marketplace near you and you really want to pay with bitcoin, then you can always use a Visa. By now, there are a few Visa cards that let you spend bitcoin while the merchant receives fiat. 

Paywithmoon is a prepaid Visa card that can be used in every online merchant in the US where Visa is accepted. The card is virtual and expires within 60 days of its creation. There are certain restrictions on where you can pay with Pawithmoon and they include gambling websites and some other places, so read the FAQ section before proceeding.

The card can be funded with a Coinbase account or with bitcoin and the Lightning Network After registration, you are prompted to install a browser extension that will make your online payments fast and easy. The account creation does not require users to submit any KYC documents.

CoinDebit is a very good solution for bitcoiners because it allows for transferring bitcoin to a virtual or physical debit card and spending bitcoin while the merchant receives fiat. It can be used anywhere the United States debit card is accepted.

The card is prepaid and has a $250 limit per card. When you load your card up with more money, CoinDebit will charge you a fee. There’s also a monthly maintenance fee, but the amazing thing is that no registration and no KYC are needed to create a card, so you can spend bitcoin anonymously. The physical pre-paid Visa cards are still in the beta testing phase.

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