Will Bitcoin Score at 2018 FIFA World Cup as Russia Opens Doors to Crypto

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Will Bitcoin Score at 2018 FIFA World Cup as Russia Opens Doors to Crypto

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This year’s FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is only days away and Bitcoin could be a beneficiary as thousands of football fans will now have the opportunity to spend their bitcoins at the eight-week event, reports Forbes.

Businesses and hotels at many of the stadia locations have announced that Bitcoin will be widely accepted in order to bypass Forex foreign exchange delays as the event kicks off on June 14th.

Russia is expected to see half a million tourists at the 21st World Cup tournament, with many supporters arriving from Europe and South America. Hotels in many of the locations including Moscow, Kaliningrad, and St Petersburg have been accepting Bitcoin bookings since April, and it has proven to be an excellent way for fans to avoid the usual currency exchange headaches.

Airline bookings are also available for crypto users, with budget airlines such as CheapAir and travel agency Destinia offering cryptocurrency bookings. For those wanting to take a gamble and bet on the outcome and results of matches, Bitcoin sportsbooks, reputed to be the future of betting, allows players from all over the world, without restriction, to participate regardless of what part of the globe they hail from. Users can make instant and free withdrawals and deposits whenever they want.

US companies Visa and MasterCard have blocked credit card services to some Russian bank customers in the past as a result of U.S. sanctions which have been in force since 2014. As this affects digital payments, it remains to be seen if fans from overseas are able to bypass such difficulties. Although, the Russian hospitality industry has become increasingly welcoming towards digital currencies with the increased customer traffic it is bringing as a result of the event.

The advantage of Bitcoin as a decentralized currency, free for political interference, is that users can make payments wherever they go using the internet. With an increasing number of merchants accepting bitcoin and other digital currencies, tourists to Russia should be able to pay for some goods and services using their digital currencies without too many difficulties.

Russia’s overseas invasion of card-carrying bitcoin users is predicted to expand traffic of the network, should they decide to spend their money using digital currency.

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