Fiat Money Debases Family Values, Bitcoin Inspires Them

Family Values and Valuing Family

I saw some people freaking out on social media recently about a former Trump official encouraging people to get married and have kids. While I can’t find the posts anymore the message was pretty concise: How dare you, and who is going to pay for this? For thousands of years adult humans have been pairing […]

Bitcoiners Shouldn’t Just Retreat To Galt’s Gulch

Valley Galt's Gulch Bitcoin

An open community for an open system, and yet we so easily become prisoners of our own little bubbles and narratives. Are Ordinals an attack on Bitcoin? A passing fad? A cure for the blockspace and transaction fee FUD? Something else entirely? To some it may make Bitcoin more interesting, to others more appealing; to […]

Bitcoin: The Monetary Metric System

monetary measure bitcoin

While reading my copy of Allen Farrington and Sasha Meyers’ Bitcoin is Venice I encountered a phrase that hit me like a ton of bricks: “We don’t want to use a stretchy ruler.” I think it might be one of the most accurate characterizations of what is wrong with money as it stands today. As […]