CoinJoin, Really?

wasabi really

CoinJoin allows you to mix your bitcoin with other people’s so that the broadcast transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain is not your public wallet address

Mark Moss: “I Want To Wake Up The Sleeping Lions”

Mark Moss Lions

At the Unconfiscatable Conference in Las Vegas, Leon Siegmund of BitcoinNews interviewed Mark Moss, host of the Mark Moss show and Bitcoin educator. A YouTuber, investor, Bitcoin Maximalist with years of real-life experiences making millions of dollars from starting and exiting successful businesses, Mark Moss is one of the most active bitcoin educators alive. His […]

Hudson River Hydroelectric Plant Gets Second Life As Bitcoin Mine

Hydropower plan mines bitcoin

A retired ancient hydroelectric power plant built in 1897 in Mechanicsville, New York, was set for dismantling when it occurred to Jim Besha Sr., CEO of Albany Engineering Corp which owns the plant, to turn it into a vintage bitcoin mining rig. With conduits dusted, moving parts polished and oiled, and worn out parts replaced, […]

Nigerians Want Bitcoin, Not eNaira

Nigerians want Bitcoin

A year after Nigeria launched its CBDC shitcoin, only less than 0.5% of Nigerians are using it according to a Bloomberg report. The Government of Nigeria launched its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) dubbed the eNaira in 2021. One year later, the results are in. At only a 0.5% adoption rate, the eNaira is failing. […]

Bitcoin’s Growth Curve Knocks Out Gold, Oil and Bonds

Bitcoin Oil Gold

An August Bloomberg Intelligence report on Bitcoin’s growth curve saw it closely matching those of gold, oil and U.S. Treasury (T) bonds. In its August edition of “CrYptO Outlook” senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone and senior market structure analyst Jamie Coutts, compared Bitcoin markets to those of gold, bonds and oil. This might have been due to: […]

What If Bitcoin Existed Alongside Unlimited Nuclear Fusion Energy

Proton quantum bitcon

Reddit user Bitcoin_Holder dropped a Reddit post titled “What happens to Bitcoin when energy is effectively free with nuclear fusion” and it went quasi viral. In no time, the post had 393 upvotes and 388 shares. A testament to people understanding that energy and Bitcoin are closely correlated; Bitcoin has proof-of-work and energy is the […]

How To Convert Bitcoin and Sats To Ugandan Shillings

How To Convert Bitcoin and Sats To Ugandan Shilling

The satoshi-sized pocket guide. If you live in Uganda and want to convert bitcoin into shillings you are not alone. With this article I explain a method to trade BTC into shillings that should work for everyone. Assume the Bitcoiner in question has 11,000 satoshis on a Lightning wallet address with Machankura. Call it [email protected] […]