24H Change   |


Fear & Greed   |

76 (Extreme Greed)

⚖️ Dominance   |


Lightning Nodes   |


💰 Current Fees   |

31 Sats/vb

Liquidity   |

471.4 BTC

📈 HashRate   |

. EH/s

Mining Difficulty   |

81.3 T

Bitcoin's Legal Framework

Bitcoin operates within existing legal frameworks in most countries. It is generally considered legal, though regulations vary. Governments may impose taxes on transactions and require compliance with anti-money laundering laws. However, the legal status and regulatory environment for Bitcoin continue to evolve as authorities adapt to the digital asset landscape.

Feature Focus

Samson Mow "Governments Adopting BTC"

Feature Focus

Government Bitcoin Adoption

An Insiders Scoop on El Salvador's Bitcoin Bet


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