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76 (Extreme Greed)



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9 Sats/vb


490.6 BTC


- EH/s

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- T

About us is a Bitcoin-First media agency dedicated to promoting hyper-bitcoinization by providing our audience with up-to-date news and media services.

In addition to providing our our highly informed, global community of readers with the latest breaking news stories, our diverse team also offers Bitcoin clients a full suite of media services ranging from high quality design to curated editorial pieces and engaging twitter content.

Mission & Core Values

As a gritty young Bitcoin media startup, our mission is simple – to promote hyper-Bitcoinization. We believe the Bitcoin protocol empowers individual freedoms and offers people a viable long term mechanism for savings. We aim to spread awareness of Bitcoin by engaging on a daily basis with information, individuals and firms whose values align with this mission driven approach and who also see the benefits of a Bitcoin led future.

To accomplish this we believe it imperative to remained aligned with the following core values:

1. Bitcoin-First: We focus almost exclusively on Bitcoin-native projects related to both Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. In order to mitigate the potential negative effects of this implicit bias, we have chosen to focus predominantly on issues that help move the Bitcoin community forward.

2. Community Led: We recognize the importance of feedback from our community of Bitcoiners and strive to always foster open and constructive dialogue in creating a more inclusive financial landscape.

3. Transparent & Accurate: We remain transparent in reporting our sources, methodology, and editorial process and commit to providing our readers with accurate, truthful and reliable information that is thoroughly researched and fact-checked.


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