HSBC and ING Announce Successful Utilization of R3’s Blockchain Platform

HSBC and ING Announce Successful Utilization of R3's Blockchain Platform

HSBC and ING bank have recently reported that they have utilized blockchain technology using R3’s Corda blockchain platform. The banking conglomerates used the tech to achieve a transaction that oversaw soybeans, shipped from Argentina to Malaysia via Singapore. Additionally, a letter of credit between the two banks was issued directly from the R3 Corda platform. […]

Ethereum’s Casper Protocol in Review

Ethereum's Casper Protocol in Review

Ethereum developers have recently announced that they are about to update their network’s protocol to the much-anticipated proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. As the cryptocurrency market is starting to repair itself from the consolidation it has seen over the last four months, it is time to take a look at what has been happening behind the scenes. […]

Quebec Government Defends Bitcoins Liberty

Quebec Government Defends Bitcoins Liberty

The Chief Scientist of Quebec, Rémi Quirion, has published a report on Bitcoin, taking an in-depth look at the state of legality that Bitcoin faces on a day-to-day basis. It finds no direct link between Bitcoin and criminal activities. Quirion disagrees with accusations such as that by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink who labelled Bitcoin as “an index […]

Pantera CEO Dan Morehead Calls Rare Bitcoin Buy Signal

Pantera CEO Dan Morehead Calls Rare Bitcoin Buy Signal

Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead has stated that Bitcoin’ss sideways action at USD 8,000 is about to end, with the company today signalling a perfect time to get in for the long. Morehead’s company is well known for its exclusive focus on digital currencies and blockchain technology. Its rational analysis is based on Bitcoin’s 200-day […]

Coinshares Chairman Danny Masters Bullish on Bitcoin Revolution

Coinshares Chairman Bullish on Bitcoin

In a recent Bloomberg PNL podcast, Coinshares chairman Danny Masters took an in-depth look into the future of distributed ledger technology, security and regulation in the industry. He said, “The distributed ledger technology that’s being pioneered by the development surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are really the democratization of transactions as in the same way when the internet appeared […]

CNBC Fast Money’s Brian Kelly Will Still “Wanna Buy” Bitcoin at $20K

CNBC Fast Money's Brian Kelly Will Still "Wanna Buy" Bitcoin at $20K

Brian Kelly, CEO of BKCM and CNBC’s Fast Money, has compared Bitcoin to Microsoft and Cisco in the late 1980s. Likening it to the internet, he pointed out that Bitcoin was not a company, but a public open source software, which was still in the very early stages. Kelly went on to talk about the recent […]

Japanese Financial Watchdog Halts Two Exchanges Over KYC Failure

Japanese Financial Watchdog Halts Two Exchanges Over KYC Failure

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has made strict orders that two of Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges must halt trading immediately after failing know-your-customer (KYC) licensing adherents. These business suspension orders are expected to last until early June; the FSA has additionally issued Eternal Link and FSHO with penalty orders. In early March, the agency suspended […]

Bitcoin’s 10 Billion Dollar Daily Market

Bitcoin has come a long way since 2009, over ten years later the total amount transacted through the blockchain is over 6 trillion USD, with a daily capitalization of 10 Billion USD. Metrics have been compiled from several sources and been taken straight to the blockchain hub that is Twitter. Commentator Josiah Hernandez stated “Anyone doubting […]

Liechtenstein to Bypass Heavy Crypto Regulations

Liechtenstein’s Prime minister has stated he wants to be at the forefront of the digital age, suppressing any burdensome regulations on blockchain technology. The Liechtenstein government has the aim to provide its citizens with sensible but cohesive blockchain regulations; this will create a stable legal environment that will help further the country’s innovation within this sector. While the […]