Is Bitcoin below 30k coming?

Bitcoin Drop

Lower bitcoin prices could be seen coming in the weeks. Below 30K is possible if bulls can’t make a move and more selling takes place. Prices below this level haven’t been seen since Jun 2021. From a technical perspective, the weekly chart on trading view shows a bear flag and lower prices typically follow. A […]

Are we in a Bitcoin Bear Market?

bitcoin bear market

According to PlanB, we are in a bear market. If you have followed the bitcoin space over the last few years then it would be hard to not recognize the name or at least have seen a PlanB post. Stock to Flow takes the current supply of an asset, the mined bitcoins, and the future […]

Meet Russia’s trade partner, Central African Republic

Central African Republic new trade partner of Russia In 2013, the United Security Council has placed an arms embargo on the Central African Republic (CAR). Russia was given an “exemption” in Dec 2017 and security personnel have been in the country ever since. Russia is interested in natural resources in CAR. CAR adopts bitcoin as […]

Don’t put Bitcoin in IRA!, Here’s why…

Bitcoin IRA

401(k), Roth 401(k), and Traditional Individual Retirement Account IRAs are seen as ‘no-brainers’ when it comes to finding unused capital to stack bitcoin for your retirement. But nobody is talking about the long-term implications that pose enormous risks to those seeking to use their IRA to finance a bitcoin purchase. What is an IRA? Standing […]