Though much progress has been made in regard to the mass adoption of blockchain technology, many barriers, such as compliance, regulation and real-world application remain, stifling industry growth. Decentralized fintech platform WORBLI is aiming to change all that. According to WORBLI’s promotional material, the platform is leveraging the EOS network to deliver the first compliant financial services (FSN) in the world built on blockchain technology. The announcement was made in Valley Point, Singapore last week.

What is WORBLI?

WORBLI is seeking to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and blockchain technology by introducing a globally-compliant platform with a suite of traditional financial tools and applications for such areas as enterprise banking, equity finance, personal finance and charitable donations. The WORBLI platform is built on a forked EOS chain and is host to decentralized applications (Dapps) that are geared towards financial innovation, reliability, compliance and security.

The developers claim these Dapps are able to take advantage of several core features of WORBLI, thereby helping to create a community. Features such as full AML and KYC user account verification for enterprises, convenient startup exchange listings and merchant processing services are all offered.

In addition, the independent EOS blockchain means that built-in developer tools are available, along with reversible, free transactions. According to the brains behind WORBLI, the FSN is robust and supportive, and structured to be as frictionless, efficient and innovative as possible. Two Dapps are currently ready to launch on the platform: Gamma Bank, and Surepeer. Gamma Bank is a fiat and digital currency bank offering debit cards, trading and other benefits. Surepeer is a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized insurance market.

WORBLI Foundation

The not-for-profit WORBLI Foundation’s mission is to offer a transparent FSN that has applications for individual consumers, SMEs and institutions, freeing them up to focus on their projects rather than having to deal with developers. The company believes that hundreds of business across a wide variety of sectors will benefit from what WORBLI has to offer.

WORBLI COO Craig Kellogg has spent nearly two decades at the forefront of banking technology with numerous fintech firms, as well as heading strategic initiatives with Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Vice President of Technology at GE Capital.

WORBLI ShareDrop Event

WORBLI’s ShareDrop event involves sharedropping 40% (1,000,000,000 WORBLI tokens) of the total supply of 2,500,000,000 to EOS holders. Participants who create a WORBLI user account will be eligible to take part in the event, with all users holding tokens from 11:15 pm on 7 September qualifying for the sharedrop (sign up on the website).

WORBLI appears to have found a niche for itself, equidistant between traditional financial systems and decentralized technology. If it can enable ‘better business’ by offering users the services they need now and will likely need in the future, the platform could find itself in an enviable position, with no shortage of clients.

To learn more about WORBLI, visit the website, check out the facebook page and follow WORBLI on Twitter.Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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