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Veteran Macro Investor Dan Tapiero Calls Bitcoin “Monetary And Societal Revolution”


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During a recent episode of The Breakdown Podcast “The Bitcoin Bear Market is Over with Dan Tapiero” hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore, there was an enlightening discussion with Dan Tapiero in which he refers to bitcoin as “monetary and societal revolution.”

Tapiero is a renowned investment expert and co-founder of 10T Holdings. He is a veteran macro investor and portfolio manager with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Tapiero’s profound knowledge in macro investing and comprehensive grasp of the worldwide financial landscape enables him to provide valuable perspectives on various subjects. These include the enduring significance of gold as an asset and the transformative possibilities presented by bitcoin.

Tapiero’s Take on Gold

Tapiero initiated the conversation by delving into his extensive knowledge of the enduring value of gold. He emphasized that throughout history, gold has maintained its position as a trusted store of wealth, and its relevance remains unfaltering. With the gold market currently valued at about $12 trillion, Tapiero highlighted its integral role within the financial system.

Furthermore, Tapiero acknowledged that gold, as a non-yielding asset, does not generate income like bonds or stocks. However, he underscored its exceptional utility as a safeguard against inflation and the devaluation of currencies. Given the unprecedented rate at which central banks are printing money today, the significance of gold as an effective hedge against inflation has become increasingly vital.

What About Bitcoin?

Moving forward, Tapiero directed his focus towards bitcoin, characterizing it as a “monetary and societal revolution.” He contended that bitcoin goes beyond just a mere asset class, portraying it as an innovative technology and an expansive network.

Drawing attention to its growing stage of development, Tapiero highlighted bitcoin’s current position as a $1 trillion market, in contrast to gold’s $12 trillion market.

Nevertheless, he expressed unwavering faith in bitcoin’s potential for substantial growth in the future. Drawing an analogy to the early 1990s era of the internet, he suggested that the current stage of bitcoin’s evolution is similar to the initial stages of the internet, thereby implying that we have only just glimpsed the immense possibilities that bitcoin can ultimately achieve.

Gold vs Bitcoin

When posed with the question of comparing gold and bitcoin, Tapiero adamantly conveyed that it is not a zero-sum game. According to him, both gold and bitcoin have the capacity to coexist harmoniously and fulfill distinct roles. Gold, with its established track record, serves as a tried-and-tested store of value, while bitcoin represents an emerging technology with immense untapped potential and a bright future.

Perceptively, Tapiero noted that these two assets tend to attract different demographics. Gold finds greater favor among older generations, whereas bitcoin garners more enthusiasm from the young. This generational divide has the potential to shape the future dynamics and interactions of these assets.

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What Does The Future Hold?

In contemplating the future, Tapiero expressed optimism for both gold and bitcoin. He maintains a very committed belief in the enduring nature of gold as a dependable store of value, particularly in an era marked by monetary inflation. Simultaneously, he holds a firm opinion in the vast potential of bitcoin as it continues to evolve and gain wider acceptance.

In summary, Tapiero’s perspectives offer a well-rounded outlook on the prospects of gold and bitcoin. He acknowledges the intrinsic value of both assets and envisions their coexistence, each serving distinct purposes within the financial system. His insights underscore the significance of diversification and how important it is to comprehend the unique characteristics inherent in each asset.

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