Streamlining Inheritance Planning for Bitcoiners

Bitcoiners must prioritize inheritance planning to protect their digital legacy and ensure smooth asset distribution for future generations.
An older person giving bitcoin to a younger couple. Let Meanwhile help with inheritance planning.

Presented by Meanwhile, the first and only life insurance company denominated in Bitcoin

Inheritance planning is one of the most prudent actions a Bitcoiner can take. Unfortunately, it’s not as popular within the community as one would think, but this reluctance is understandable. 

Nobody enjoys contemplating their own mortality. Yet, once Bitcoin becomes a part of your life, forward-thinking tendencies often kick in. People start adopting healthier habits and focusing on long-term financial strategies. 

The Risks of Not Planning Your Bitcoin Inheritance

However, despite this forward-looking mindset, many Bitcoiners overlook inheritance planning, a critical oversight.

Without proper inheritance planning, the wealth accumulated in Bitcoin could be at risk of being lost or inaccessible to loved ones in the event of the owner’s death. This risk underscores the need for Bitcoiners to proactively address estate planning considerations, ensuring that their digital assets can be passed on seamlessly and securely.

Bitcoin Inheritance Solutions: Life Insurance & Beyond

Implementing life insurance and devising a plan for your bitcoin holdings can spare your family from unnecessary stress and potential legal entanglements, providing invaluable peace of mind. Moreover, it’s a matter of responsibility and care for your loved ones. Amidst the emotional turmoil of losing a family member, financial worries only compound the burden. Notably, in the US, a life insurance policy denominated in bitcoin doesn’t trigger capital gains or income tax, ensuring that your assets seamlessly transfer to your beneficiaries. Talk about resting in peace.

Traditionally, inheritance planning involves significant paperwork, navigating estate administration intricacies, and consuming vast amounts of time. However, Bitcoiners have the advantage of leveraging technology to streamline the process.

Low Time Preference And Inflation

Bitcoin culture inherently fosters a low time preference mentality. A concept popularized by Austrian economists, low time preference individuals prioritize future rewards over immediate gratification, recognizing the value of delayed consumption and long-term planning. In contrast, high time preference individuals prioritize immediate satisfaction, often at the expense of future stability.

Low Time Preference in the Bitcoin Community

The shift in mindset to low time preference extends beyond mere investment decisions; it permeates all aspects of life, influencing habits related to health, and savings. Tragically, it often neglects bitcoin inheritance planning. Within the Bitcoin community, the focus tends to be on accumulating and safeguarding wealth rather than considering its distribution after one’s passing. However, as Bitcoin matures as an asset class, it becomes increasingly important for Bitcoiners to address this aspect of financial planning.

Inflation and Bitcoin-Denominated Policies

As inflationary pressures escalate globally, the allure of bitcoin-denominated policies grows, offering a hedge against currency devaluation and reinforcing confidence in Bitcoin’s longevity as an asset class. Echoing this sentiment, insurance provider Meanwhile recently tweeted, “People are starting to question the value of a half-million-dollar life insurance policy denominated in dollars over a lifetime. With a BTC-denominated policy, there’s more optimism about its growth potential”.

Inheritance Planning And Diversification

In Bitcoin circles, diversification is often discouraged, with the prevailing sentiment echoing Michael Saylor’s stance that “Diversification is selling the winners to buy the losers.” And by “winners,” he means Bitcoin. However, a nuanced approach to diversification can be beneficial, especially when it comes to Bitcoin legacy planning. By holding bitcoin for different purposes, including inheritance planning, one can achieve diversification without compromising on bitcoin holdings.

“Only about one-third of American adults have an estate plan, and of those who do, one-fifth (20%) have not made updates in five years, according to a study by D.A. Davidson & Co. released in October 2022.”

Low time preference thinking underscores the importance of preparedness. While it’s tempting to assume that spouses and children will automatically inherit assets, the reality can be more complex, especially in the absence of a will. In the US, without a will, the court may appoint a professional administrator to distribute assets, varying in efficiency and fairness across states.

Safeguarding Your Digital Legacy For Years To Come

A person organizing his digital legacy for inheritance planning.

In the digital age, technology has simplified inheritance planning. Documents crucial to heirs and beneficiaries can now be encrypted and stored in the cloud for easy access. Plus, there are now companies like Meanwhile that offer innovative solutions tailored for the bitcoin inheritance economy.

Meanwhile CEO and co-founder, Zac Townsend, recently explained:

“Market moves that impact the price of BTC do not impact our underwriting or our guarantees because we take premiums and pay out claims in BTC. We think hundreds of millions of folks will be onboarding into the bitcoin economy in the coming decades, and we’re building the life insurance company for them.”

Showing commitment to the resilience of the asset class, Meanwhile is completely bitcoin-denominated. Through their bitcoin-focused life insurance policies, Bitcoiners can explore the advantages of legacy protection with tax efficiency and flexible options, underpinned by the world’s most robust currency.


In conclusion, inheritance planning remains a vital component of responsible financial management for Bitcoiners. By embracing low time preference principles, Bitcoiners can ensure that their wealth is preserved and passed on to future generations securely and seamlessly. With proper planning and the right resources, Bitcoiners can navigate the complexities of inheritance planning with confidence, safeguarding their legacy for years to come.

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