Free Tickets For Open Source Projects At Bitcoin 2023 Conference In Miami

free ticket miami

Once again, open source projects can receive free passes for Bitcoin 2023 in Miami.

Bitcoin 2023, the annual event focused on the bitcoin industry, is putting a spotlight on the importance of open-source contributions in the Bitcoin community. The event organizers have announced that they will be offering free three-day passes to contributors of open-source projects that have made a commit prior to November 1, 2022.

Open-source software is a crucial part of the Bitcoin ecosystem, as it allows for the development and maintenance of the technology without the influence of governments or large corporations. Many open-source projects in the Bitcoin community are run by volunteers, who contribute their time and energy without the expectation of compensation.

The organizers of Bitcoin 2023 recognize the importance of these contributions and want to show their support by offering free passes to the event. “Our greatest asset as Bitcoiners is the blossoming open-source community that makes this movement possible,” said a spokesperson for the event. “With this mission in mind, it is clear we must support open-source contributors and projects however we can.”

The three-day pass will give contributors access to the full event, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The event organizers are encouraging contributors to verify their commits and apply for the free pass, noting that previously purchased passes are non-refundable but can be transferred.

Overall, this move by the Bitcoin 2023 event organizers is a clear indication of the significance and value of open-source contributions in the cryptocurrency community. It is a great way to support and acknowledge the hard work of the volunteers who make the technology possible.

Interested projects can apply here.

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