Bitcoin News Editorial Policy

The Voice of the Plebs

Our Story

BitcoinNews brought to live with the intention to provide a platform for Bitcoiners to share their stories, news and research with the world. We believe too many great things are happening yet not many people are aware. We want to do our part to bridge the information gap and usher into hyperbitcoinization.

Our Mission is committed to inform our readers throughout and diligently with daily news reports and articles documenting financial news, including developments in cryptocurrency, technology macroeconomics, culture and geopolitics. We cover stories from an Austrian Economics and sound money perspective. We aim to provide readers with unbiased and honest reporting based on facts and evidence. 

Our Values 

We see the bitcoin community as a highly effective movement to replace the ‘fiat system’ with open source software. As a news platform we want to do everything in our power to observe and support this revolution and allow the community to speak and spread bitcoin news where it matters.

We give a voice to small projects and help underground news to go around the world. We aim to be a strong partner for brands and businesses in the bitcoin industry by sticking to the truth: 

Bitcoin has already won.

We believe bitcoin will unlock the next renaissance. Truth, integrity and honesty are values that will matter more than ever, especially in journalism. We strive for these values because they are vital to keep society prosperous and informed.

Our Review Process

Our publishing process requires our editors to manually review each news piece and article whether it is an external contribution, advertisement or in-house content. This includes a review based on our editorial policy as well as editing for grammar and language. It is further ensured that any claims and statements made by our authors, are backed by credible source. Opinion pieces and sponsored stories are marked as such.