Bitcoin News Launches New Live Show ‘Bitcoin & Beyond’

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Bitcoin and Beyond Podcast

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São Paulo – Bitcoin News Launches New Podcast, “Bitcoin & Beyond”

A new live show and podcast aimed at educating listeners on all things Bitcoin launches Friday, March 17th at 10am EST. “Bitcoin & Beyond” is a bi-monthly podcast that dives deep into the topics of economics, self-sovereignty, and bitcoin adoption.

The description of the show reads: “Bitcoin & Beyond is a podcast dedicated to Bitcoin, the evolution of money, and individual sovereignty in light of the changing world order. Hosted by digital nomad and lifelong student of economics, Emile Phaneuf, the show brings you interviews with brilliant minds to help you understand these concepts.”

 “Bitcoin & Beyond” is hosted by Bitcoiner and economics writer, Emile Phaneuf. Emile follows his curiosity and engages with his guests to extract the most important insights for the listeners.

Emile holds Master’s degrees in Economics and Political science, is a US Air Force veteran, and world traveler with a penchant for breaking down complex subject matter in a way that the audience can easily understand. As a lifelong student of economics with a particular appreciation for the Austrian school of thought, he has been early in understanding Bitcoin and developing theses about its impact and future potential.

The first guest on ‘Bitcoin & Beyond’ will be British analyst and author Dominic Frisby followed by Swedish author Knut Svanholm and some of the brightest thought leaders and experts in the Bitcoin sphere.

Produced by Bitcoin News, the show will give listeners an on the ground perspective to the latest in  news, politics, markets and Bitcoin adoption from around the world.

The show will be recorded live on Twitter Spaces every other Friday. Not only will listeners be able to hear the guests’ unedited opinions but will also be able to ask questions through this interactive format. Once recorded, the show will be available on all major platforms including Spotify, Fountain, and Google Podcasts.

For more information on “Bitcoin & Beyond” follow Bitcoin News on Twitter and visit the website at
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