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Michelin Chef in Malta Now Accepts Bitcoin and Lightning Payments in his Restaurants

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Marvin Gauci is the restaurant chef with the rebel gene. A trait that helped him earn a Michelin star. Owning one of the few Restaurants on the small Island which received the renown award, he looks at a solid achievement.

He isn’t done yet. Following the Michelin star, his next coup is to earn the Satoshi star by calling it the first bitcoin restaurant in Malta.

His Malta locations St. George’s Bay Caviar & Bull and Buddhamann now accept Bitcoin and Lightning as he announced recently.

Apparently it’s not just the kitchen where chef Marvin Gauci thinks differently and creatively. He also goes the extra mile when it comes to payment options for his guests. As one of the earliest restaurants, Caviar & Bull accepted Bitcoin already back in 2017/18 when Malta was hyped as “Blockchain Island”.

The blockchain island sank before it really took off though it caused some side-effects. Some of Malta’s business owners got introduced to the “bitcoin not blockchain” meme and swallowed (or snorted?) the orange pill.

In a recent tweet, Mr Gauci made public: “Setting up #Bitcoin and Lightning terminal for all my restaurants this week.”

Is he aiming to become the Maltese version of bitcoin-famous Tahinis Restaurants, the restaurant with it’s outspoken bitcoin-loving owner? Joining the bitcoin community can make sense for any business. However, a restaurant business can benefit in particular because plebs also need to eat food. And who doesn’t love to tip some extra sats for a quality (rare) steak?

The publicity gained from the Tweet was significant and people already already assured to stop by at Mr Gauci’s restaurant on their next trip to Malta.

Can The Bitcoin Restaurant in Malta Change The Course Of History

Tahinis has received global attention from the bitcoin community for a long period and became a renown brand among bitcoiners. Can the idea be replicated? Vending food for Sats let’s a business accumulate the hardest asset and add bitcoin to the company treasury. “Cha-ching” the stash grows with every steak sold and a great lifestyle comes on top as bitcoin people are fun to hang out with and very supportive of each other. What else do you want?

It gets better. There is also a non zero chance to bump into Adam Back when you dine at Caviar & Bull, the invitation was sent:

We wish Chef Marvin Gauci best of success further on and hope others will follow his visionary leadership to adopt bitcoin and lightning. The blockchain island was a pipedream but the bitcoin island can become a reality if people understand the benefits of bitcoin and lightning. The Bitcoin Restaurant in Malta takes the lead and sets an example for many to be inspired by.

The local community is sure bullish on the news and ready to empty the bar.

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