LNTXBOT: Lightning Network Payments over Telegram

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The Lightning Textbo or LNTXBOT is taking over social media.

Telegram messenger with its over 500 Million user strong customer base could have silently become the biggset lightning network payment app in the world thanks to a clever integration. Users of the lightning text bot (@lntxbot) can send bitcoin directly in chats.

The bot makes it easy to send bitcoin, or rather Satoshis, the small units through Telegram chats and groups. It is widely used to give tips to other members of a chat group or directly to another Telegram user. From here you can do even more interesting things, all within Telegram.

It offers a specific LN wallet for your Telegram account, using the LNDHUB protocol. At any time you can withdraw your satoshis from there in any other LN wallet and even on-chain. You can also connect this wallet-bot with your mobile wallet app and thus have more control outside of Telegram.

Custodial wallet, use carefully!

This is a custodial wallet, which means you do not have 100% control of your funds. The bot server is a single point of failure: it can be seized, shut down, and destroyed. So keep this in mind and do not use it as your own wallet.

Use this bot wallet to get familiarized with sats, LN, invoices, QR codes, tips, and fun. Users don’t have to buy BTC before testing their wallets.

As soon as you have it configured, a link like this will be created containing your @name: https://lntxbot.com/@yourname  . This link contains a QR code and an LNURL that is like a blank LN invoice, always ready to receive sats. You can easily post this QR and/or the link on your web pages, social media profiles, print it on paper, wherever you want, where people can scan & send you tips, directly to your wallet-bot in Telegram.

If you write /tutorial in the @LNtxBot chat then you will get other wonders that can be done with this bot. You can use @LNtxBot to pay and receive Lightning invoices, it keeps track of your balances and a history of your transactions.

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