Long BTC, Short Tyrants: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin

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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been bemoaning the fact that bitcoin exchanges are not imposing sanctions on Russia.

“I would hope somebody at the Treasury Department is trying to figure out how to rein in the leaky valves in the crypto market,” said Clinton, one of the architects of the massive attack on Libya that killed thousands of civilians and paved the way for the re-introduction of slave markets and female genital mutilation.

Despite Clinton, Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama being responsible for numerous extremely brutal wars far from American soil, the Biden administration has imposed multiple rounds of sanctions on Russia over the nation’s “aggressive invasion of Ukraine.”

The Real Bitcoin News

Do you see how propaganda is done? Mainstream media is flooding the bitcoin space with war propaganda. I just made those first few paragraphs up to show you how the propaganda could be written either way, and either way it has nothing to do with bitcoin. Either way you won’t know what’s true until long after it’s all over.

The only part of this “news” that’s relevant to bitcoin is the part where Clinton hates it and wants to “regulate” it. That does show that bitcoin is doing something right. When a tyrant wants to control something, that means that they do not control it yet. That’s reason to celebrate and to double down on supporting it.

We’re encouraged to watch the spectacle unfold through the warped lens of the control freaks ⁠—powerless to do anything but hope for one side or the other to win. The reality is that tools like bitcoin exist that can end our powerlessness, and consequently end the rule of the power junkies. This is the real bitcoin news.

That’s the only thing of any consequence in the story of Hillary Clinton’s pontification about bitcoin. She doesn’t like it because the new world it enables us to manifest doesn’t include her and her ilk as “important people.” She would just be yet another cranky old bag that nobody listens to.

And that is unacceptable. Our rulers would rather see the world burn than be ordinary within it. That’s the true nature of the situation we’re in now.

Go long on bitcoin, short the tyrants.

Buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, HODL it, use it to buy everything you can. Even if it’s drugs, guns, money laundering, hookers. Whatever bitcoin is used for, it’s exactly the same stuff that banker money gets used for. The only difference is the control freaks don’t own it. When we prevent them from controlling money they will no longer control anything.

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