New Bitcoin Documentary From El Salvador To Premiere Later This Year

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Brand new Bitcoin documentary will premier in the second quarter of 2022. The film that goes by the name “Dare to Dream” follows the true story of El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin. It’s the first film to tell the complete story of the social project ‘Bitcoin Beach’ that should change the world forever.

Over a decade ago on the coast of El Salvador, in a tiny village called El Zonte, two youngsters were faced with the tough decision of leaving their country in search of a brighter future. They decided to stay, standing up to the challenges of their land. They had a dream of building a better tomorrow for their community.

Bitcoin being used to buy things on botcoin beach

“Years of efforts bringing education, hope and opportunity to the local children led to a bigger dream altogether: to create a local bitcoin economy that could transform their village completely. Little did they know this would ultimately lead to the government of El Salvador passing an historic new law. It became the first country in the world to declare bitcoin as legal tender.” explain the producers. Among them prominent bitcoin podcaster John Vallis.

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Bitcoin Can Change The World For The Better

The film explores what this could mean for the world… what impact will this have – not just for the people of El Salvador – but for humanity itself? It was independently funded & produced by an anonymous bitcoiner and 90% of all profits will go to Bitcoin Beach.

Featuring some of the best minds the bitcoin community is proud to have, the film tells the story of the human side behind bitcoin, what it means for the people of El Salvador and those living in the poorest / most challenging conditions on Earth.

The dreamers behind Bitcoin Beach are full of compassion, hope & love. They symbolize what this phenomenon is about: people who passionately believe that bitcoin can fundamentally change the world for the better.

It’s beautiful to see more and more bitcoin documentaries being produced as they play a fundamental role push the bitcoin idea further and help people understand what it’s all about. We can’t wait for the film to be released. Anyone who wants to take a look at the project can visit the website below.

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