Pay Taxes with Bitcoin: Florida Governor Opposes US CBDC

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Government authorities have taken notice of Bitcoin on many levels, in this case, the state level, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants the state to use Bitcoin in its tax system. 

Like the rest of the world, Florida has jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon and has led in a big way.

Governor DeSantis appeared to be extending his interest in Bitcoin to other politicians, urging them to enable firms to pay taxes in Bitcoin. The Governor stated this during a recent conference.

“I’ve told the state agencies to figure out ways, where if a business wants to pay tax in cryptocurrency to Florida, we should be willing to accept that. We’re working through that.”

After accepting bitcoin for tax payments in 2019, Ohio made huge headlines. But, it didn’t work. The number of firms paying taxes in Bitcoin was minor, so the state removed the gateway.

Since in some way Bitcoin was still in its infancy in 2019, a repetition is improbable. In terms of value and acceptance, the sector has exploded.

The state of Colorado is the first to accept Bitcoin for tax purposes, Florida appears to be following suit.

DeSantis Opposes Government CBDC

In a recent conference, DeSantis made statements in strong opposition to a Chinese Communist Party-like CBDC and promoted Bitcoin and its decentralization.

“There’s a difference between a decentralized digital “cryptocurrency” like Bitcoin and what some are talking about doing at the federal level to convert U.S. dollars into basically a digital currency,” DeSantis said. “I think there’s a lot of hazards with that, when that’s centrally controlled. I worry about the amount of power that would give someone in a central authority to basically be able to shut off access to purchasing certain goods. We’d be in uncharted territory,” the governor added.

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