Wasabi Wallet’s Coinjoining Now Works For Amounts Up To 43,000 Bitcoin

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Wasabi Wallet, the privacy focused bitcoin wallet, has just announced its latest release. The upgrade brings good news for bitcoin whales as the wallet now supports coinjoining for amounts up to 43,000 Bitcoin.

Do you have spare bitcoins laying around and you’d like to enhance your privacy? If you are blessed and own a few Bitcoins, say a casual 40,000 Bitcoin, we’ve got some good news.

Wasabi Wallet release or “The Whale Release” contains improvements which are particularly interesting for large bitcoin wallets.

After the previous release of Wasabi optimized Tor connectivity, new records have been set in monthly coinjoin rounds and total coinjoin volume. Surging demand for coinjoin suggests that increasing the maximum coinjoin capacity could be a good idea.

In the past, large bitcoin holders could not easily use coinjoin. With the new release, Wasabi alleviates coinjoin pains of bitcoin whales by improving several factors for optimal user experience.

Up until today, the largest amount per input a user could register was 1,374 BTC. Now, even bigger whales can coinjoin with amounts supported up to 43,000 BTC per input. However, only 14 addresses own more than 43,000 BTC as on-chain data shows.

For large amount coinjoins, multiple inputs were often consolidated in the same output, while the output as a whole inherited the lowest anonymity score of the inputs used to create it. Whales may have experienced their larger inputs that had already accumulated high anonymity scores getting consolidated with inputs that had lower anonymity scores, forfeiting part of the privacy progress that had already been achieved.

Now, progress goes one direction instead of two steps forward and one step back: automatic coin selection won’t combine high anon score coins with lower ones going forward. This saves fees and blockspace.

“Biockspace efficiency is one of our highest priorities, we always want to avoid wasting the sats of our users. This release saves whales a large amount of mining fees.” – Max Hillebrand, Wasabi Contributor and CEO at zkSNACKs

Also Tor is upgraded in the new version and now on version, including major fixes aimed at helping to defend against network denial of service. The coordinator will now pay the transaction fee for the bytes used in transaction creation overhead.

Further improvements and bug fixes include fixes aimed at increasing coinjoin reliability and UI improvements.

You can download version on the wasabi wallet website or follow the instructions in the wallet application to upgrade.

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