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Max Keiser Wants To ‘Hide’ 10 Bitcoins In El Salvador

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Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is considering to hide 10 Bitcoin “somewhere in El Salvador” to sponsor a public treasure hunt. If the stunt would go viral, even more ‘bitcoin tourists’ could potentially visit the Bitcoin country.

Forget hunger games, here come the prosperity games. Prosperity and property instead of misery and communism. Surely, finding one Bitcoin would be fantastic.

With one Bitcoin you’re set for life as the value of bitcoin is projected in the billions according to Fidelity.

While Bitcoiners believe that one bitcoin equals one retirement and certainly should be considered as generational wealth, it depends on the number of Bitcoin you have whether you’d feel comfortable to sprinkle a few of them over El Salvador.

Keiser said his cost basis is below $300, seems to be in a position to share the joy of early retirement with 10 lucky plebs. Or to be more precise, those plebs who would successfully find one or more of the hidden Bitcoin.

However, Keiser might not be alone. Soon after he tweeted the idea, he added that a friend has matched his offer to put up Bitcoin for the marketing stunt:

Keiser stated in an interview with Bitcoin News that he won’t retire any time soon. It’s educating the ‘noobs’ that gives him motivation and energy to continue advocating for Bitcoin.

Keiser is a relentless activist who started educating about Bitcoin as early as 2011. Known for his outspoken opinions and unconventional ideas, his latest plan is no exception.

The move is a nod to the growing popularity of Bitcoin in El Salvador, which became the first country in the world to adopt the new money as legal tender. The country’s President, Nayib Bukele, has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin, arguing that it will help to stimulate the economy and provide financial inclusion for the country’s unbanked population.

The treasure hunt plan could be executed easily. Simply create hardware wallets such as opendime with one Bitcoin each and hide it in locations within El Salvador. The treasure hunt would be open to anyone, regardless of their knowledge of Bitcoin or familiarity with the country. First come, first served.

While the treasure hunt is currently not more than a tweet and not officially endorsed by the El Salvador government, it could draw a lot of attention and potentially attract tourists to the country. Tourism has increased tremendously after President Bukele made the country safer and attractive to surf events and bitcoin conferences.

Keiser is well-known in the Bitcoin community for his bullish stance. He has predicted that Bitcoin will eventually reach a price of $400,000, and he has been a vocal advocate for its adoption.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Keiser said that he is excited about the potential for Bitcoin to transform the economy of El Salvador and other developing countries. He said that Bitcoin has the potential to provide financial inclusion for millions of people who are currently unbanked, and he believes that it will play a crucial role in helping these countries to grow and prosper.

Overall, Keiser’s plan to hide 10 BTC in El Salvador and launch an open treasure hunt is a bold and unconventional idea that is sure to draw a lot of attention. Whether it succeeds in boosting tourism for the country remains to be seen, but it is a clear demonstration of Keiser’s passion for Bitcoin and his belief in its potential to change the world.

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