Bitcoin’s Net-Positive Environmental Impact: List of Recent Studies

Several recent studies highlight the potential positive Bitcoin environmental impact. Here's five sources providing summaries and headlines.
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This article was originally published by Daniel Batten, Managing Partner at CH4 Capital, on LinkedIn

Many people don’t realise how much peer reviewed scientific literature came out in the last 18 months endorsing potential net-positive impact of Bitcoin mining on environment.

Here’s 5 of the most recent publications with source, headline and summary.

bitcoin environmental impact

Bitcoin Environmental Impact: List of Studies

1. How Bitcoin Can Support Renewable Energy Development and Climate Action
(Cornell University)



Bitcoin mining helps renewable developers generate more profits that is typically re-invested, accelerating the renewable transition.

2. Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint Revisited: Proof of Work Mining for Renewable Energy Expansion

Source :


[our research finding support] “a possible role for Bitcoin mining in promoting grid decarbonization” through effective demand response.

3. Promoting rigor in blockchain energy and environmental footprint research: A systematic literature review

Source :


Reveals fundamental flaws in the work of Alex de Vries/Digiconomist (heavily quoted by mainstream media). Flaws include selective use of data, building models that rely on anecdotal examples, using data that is known to be meaningfully out of date, using small datasets that are assumed to be representative, developing methodologies that do not build on existing theory, presenting methods without contextualizing.

4. Bitcoin and Its Energy, Environmental, and Social Impacts



“There is transformative potential in the Bitcoin mining sector, especially regarding demand response, grid flexibility, and methane mitigation.”

5. Drivers of Bitcoin Energy Use and Emissions
Hass McCook (Oxford, Conference Paper)



With greater machine efficiency & more sustainable energy sources, Bitcoin mining’s emissions has likely already peaked and is now trending downwards.

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