Introducing The Bitcoin Way’s New Collaborative Custody Service

The Bitcoin Way is launching a brand-new, KYC-free, collaborative custody service in partnership with Nunchuk, the well-known Bitcoin wallet provider.
the bitcoin way
  • The Bitcoin Way is launching a no-KYC collaborative custody model in collaboration with Nunchuk.
  • The service offers users a collaborative and user-friendly experience, along with robust security and access control features.
  • The Bitcoin Way plans to introduce additional features in the future to enhance Bitcoin self-custody capabilities.

The Bitcoin Way is launching a no-KYC collaborative custody service, enabling individuals and businesses to securely take control of their Bitcoin holdings. This innovative solution caters to less tech-savvy users while also ensuring collaboration, ease of use, a high degree of security, access control, and broad hardware compatibility. 

Latest Announcement: No-KYC Collaborative Custody

In partnership with the renowned Bitcoin wallet provider Nunchuk, The Bitcoin Way is launching a no-KYC co-custody service in response to the high demand for advanced, yet user-friendly Bitcoin collaborative solutions.

Key Benefits:

1. Collaboration and User-Friendly Approach
The service offers a distributed setup, allowing shared custody among multiple participants, such as family, friends, or partners. A private, encrypted group chat simplifies communication, while assigned roles streamline management. This user-centric design enhances both ease of use and security.

2. Robust Security and Access Control
The service’s core offering is it’s multi user, multi signature setup with customizable options such as 2-of-3, 3-of-5, or 2-of-4 keys. This approach ensures resilience against key loss or theft. Alerts, notifications, and a health check system further enhance security and prevent errors. An emergency lockdown feature and key recovery through TAPSIGNER provide additional peace of mind. Compatibility with various hardware wallets adds an extra layer of security.

What Lies Ahead?

The Bitcoin Way plans to expand its service with features like inheritance planning, spending limits, recurring payments, and batch signing, aiming to create a comprehensive co-custody solution for Bitcoin.

Visit their website at for more information.

About The Bitcoin Way

The Bitcoin Way is a specialized IT team boasting over 20 years of cybersecurity, encryption, and privacy expertise. Their mission is to empower individuals with financial sovereignty by offering education and personalized guidance for navigating the realm of Bitcoin.

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